Friday, November 6, 2009

Cruel Tease - Chapter 1: A Poor Decision

Here's the first chapter of an original story written by me. I've never posted it anywhere online until now. It's essentially a true story (with new names). The later chapters are based on parts of other things that have actually happened to me - all melded together into one hot story!

Cruel Tease - Chapter 4: Bring The Pain
Cruel Tease - Chapter 3: Abuse The Privilege
Cruel Tease - Chapter 2: Pain For The Sake Of Amusement

Colin went to Linda's Halloween party,
infamous for involving lots of alcohol and ending in random hook-ups. They spent most of the evening playing drinking games at a poker table. Linda, a hot redhead with large breasts was feeling a bit horny and was in a kinky mood.

Linda and Colin were sitting next to each other at table, and it wasn't long before Linda slowly started to work one hand over to Colin's lap.For three hours Linda took the opportunity to tease Colin mercilessly under the table. She started out with her hand on his thigh, hidden by the tablecloth. Slowly she moved her hand around in a circle that moved closer and closer to his ever-growing cock. Soon her hand was between his legs caressing his swollen groin while she smiled at him sweetly.

Her mouth was pure evil. She would steal a glance at him and catch his eye. Her tongue would dart out of her mouth and lick slowly across her lips as if she were focusing intently on the game. Whenever his eyes met hers, he felt a soft squeeze as her sweet hand reminded him of where it had found a new home. After an hour, Colin was looking for any excuse to stay seated and keep Linda next to him. After two hours he was love. But after three hours, Colin was desperately looking for any excuse to get away from Linda's constant and insistent fondling. His cock was fully erect, stretching the material of his costume. He untucked his shirt to cover his "problem".

"Oh, Colin,
you're so good at it" Linda cooed in his ear as she leaned just a bit closer than necessary. "But I'm not any good at all. I suck! I suck so much." With that came another tight squeeze to his trapped cock. "Maybe I can learn something from you. Do you think you could teach me a lesson on how not to suck so much?" Colin's eyes locked on hers as she over-emphasized 'teach me a lesson', her dark red lips exaggerating the syllables.

Suddenly, Linda announced, "I'm going upstairs to grab something more to drink."

She bounced up the basement stairs with Colin staring longingly at her ass. His stiff dick dripped pre-cum for a half hour before Colin realized she wasn't coming back down. Colin went looking for Linda after his hard-on went down, but couldn't find her. He went home with a brutal case of blue balls. Little did he know, Linda had been hiding from him. She loved the thought of him going home and jerking off frantically trying to alleviate his poor swollen balls.

Colin called Linda a few days later. He knew Linda had been seeing other men and was hoping he could convince her to have an exclusive relationship. He was also hoping he could get her to agree to a new kinky twist on their relationship.

Linda arrived wearing calf-high black "bitch boots" with thick soles that increased her 5'5" height by three inches. Her legs were wrapped in black thigh-high stockings whose tops were two inches below the hem of her short plaid skirt. She had a white button-down shirt and her black bra lifted her chest to give an incredible view of her cleavage. Linda's lips were painted an evil
shade of dark red.Colin welcomed Linda in, and they sat down on his loveseat.

"What's on your mind?" Linda asked.

"Ok. Well, I want you to give up having sex with other men. Just be with me, exclusively."

Colin waited a moment to gauge her reaction. Linda appeared thoughtful, and not completely against what he was saying. Now it was time for the big part. Could he sell her on the other half of the deal?

"Now, I would never ask you to commit to me with out committing to you in return. If you're willing to only being involved with me, I'd... um... I think you should have control… over... um... my orgasms,"
Colin finished nervously.A sly grin crept across Linda's face as she asked, "How's that again?"

"I want you to only be with me, and I want to give you the same commitment, but I want to go a step further. I was thinking that if I got a chastity device... maybe you could lock
my cock up and keep the key? That way, you would always get to decide when I'd get to cum. We could still have sex whenever you want… more than once a day even. But I wouldn't get to cum until you decided that I had earned it. If you decided that I'd earned it."

Linda moved over closer to Colin. She put a hand in his lap.

"Baby, that's the sweetest thing I've ever heard! I hope you're ready to be teased..."

Colin admitted he hadn't cum in two days – quite a long while for him – and that his chastity cage had arrived yesterday. There were two keys, one of which was already in his local safe deposit box, the other he gave to her. It was on a long gold chain, which let the key sit right between her gorgeous breasts.
"Colin, I'll just tell you right from the start: you're not cumming tonight. We're going to fuck – for hours – but you're not cumming. I need you to suffer a little, so that you understand your commitment."

Linda was not going to take it easy on Colin. He wanted this, so she was going to get everything out of it she could. And the entertainment value of watching him struggle to hold his orgasm back was priceless. Linda started out with a slow, wet blowjob. She fell to her knees between his legs as he sat on the loveseat and used her teeth to unzip his pants. His massive cock popped free of his slacks, already hard from days of celibacy.

Linda giggled as she licked up and down the sides of the shaft. The head of his cock was extremely sensitive, Linda could tell by the way Colin clutched the arm of the loveseat whenever her tongue flicked underneath the head. After a thorough licking – Linda had yet to really suck his cock, since licks just teased so much more – Colin was ready to fuck. He wanted to pound into Linda, giving her pleasure but also asserting his will. He wanted to be on top and hammer away until they both were satisfied. Linda, however, was not interested in what he wanted.
"By the way you're gritting your teeth, I'm guessing you're ready to go?" Linda asked rhetorically. "Well, let's get these clothes off of you and we'll see about attending to me." Colin lifted Linda onto his bed, laying her down gently on her back. Linda stretched out, moving her legs so that her plaid skirt rose almost all the way up her thighs. "I'd like the first couple of my orgasms to be with your mouth," Linda said. "Then, I'll probably have you fuck me a couple of times. You'll wear two condoms. Then, I'll ice you down and lock you up before I go. Sound good?"


  1. really i am so please to have found your blog

  2. You have certainly started off great, I am looking forward to see how Linda's character develops and how Colin adapts.