Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cuckold Captions 111-120

You want the best for that special woman in your life. Of course you do. You love her.

Now, are you really "the best" for her? Sexually? No, of course not. So her cheating on you actually is exactly what you want. Right? Right.

Oh, and here are 10 brand, new Cuckold Captions! Enjoy!

Although it was hard to make out what she was saying...

You paid for her to get fat cocksucker lips.
What did you think she was going to do with them? Blow you?

Either way, she can't get enough.

 I mean, hell, that will pay for half of her first drink!

Yeah, you should just be grateful that your fetish happens 
to coincide with what she was going to do anyway.

It would be nice if she would wait for you to leave the bedroom first though.

How could you be so cruel?
I thought you really loved her!

He's thinking of expanding the program to once a week.
 Plus weekends.

At least now it's clear.

She is going to be so good at this game
after a few years of constant practice.

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