Sunday, September 13, 2009

Chastity Captions 1-5

Isn't chastity just the hottest?
There are several aspects of chastity that I like.

I like that it conveys there is a relationship between the chaste little boy and the keyholder. I like that it shows the keyholder is willing to take the time and energy to tease, train, and torture the chaste slave. And, as a silly little sissy who spends way too much time watching porn and playing with himself, I love the power chastity gives to the keyholder.

Honestly, I think I would go crazy after about 6 hours in chastity. Less, if I had a hot keyholder around to push my buttons. Mmmm! Sounds like so much fun!!!

Think of all the "inconvienent" places that a keyholder could tease
a sub... And all of the ways a keyholder could make it worse!

I'm a big fan of keyholders' using their sub's fetishes to extract
promises of longer voluntary chastity periods.

Not much is better than a hot, mean, strict keyholder
who wants to tease you as much as you want her to...

After just a little time in chastity, even simple little things might be
deliciously unbearable to be forced to endure...

Better be careful! Once you're chaste, you might start to lose
the opportunityto do certain things with your keyholder. Consider
it the price of acting out your chastity fantasy. Especially since
forfeiting some activities is implied by your chastity sentence!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Loser Captions 1-5

I love a bitchy, mean hot girl who takes the time to really put me in my place. Verbal degradation can be so hot if it's done right...

Flashing in public is supposed to be humiliating for the girl doing the flashing, not the loser who happens to see her do it. Wouldn't it be awful to cum so quickly that you'd blow it if a cute girl flashed you her panties? Even for just a second?

I also love the idea of a beautiful woman taking the time to learn the ins and outs of my fetishes. Not so much because she loves and cares for me and wants me to be happy... more so that she can use and abuse them to better control me and get what she wants!

An aggressive woman who knows that her forward actions will be enough to send you over the edge. Nothing like being humiliated as a side-bet between hot girls you've never met.

The assumption that you'd just transfer all control to her, both financial and sexual - just because she's hot and she's fulfilling a fantasy of yours - is so incredible! "Oh, you think this movie character is really, really hot? Well, how about I dress up as her? I mean, you already think I'm really, really hot, so you should pretty much be putty in my hands, right?"

I'm such a loser. I would. If a pornstar talked to me - even at a convention, where that's all they do - I would totally buy all of her movies. I'd spend endless late nights playing with myself while I watched them, thinking about how she talked to me once...