Friday, December 10, 2010

Chastity Captions 46-55

cBOOM! 10 brand new Chastity Captions for you! Enjoy, bitches!

Six months in cocklock gets you lots of tongue-tease
and absolutely no cumshot.

Women teaming up is always bad news for chaste subs.

The worst threesome possible?
Or the best?

You DO want it as tight as possible, don't you?

Don't disappoint her. You won't like how that ends...

Her happiness is your top priority.

She warned you!

Oh, don't you worry. It'll be very uncomfortable.
She'll make sure of that!

You're not safe in any season!

A thorough cleaning is necessary...
But does she have to do it in the most frustrating way possible?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Cuckold Captions 51-55

I'm back with another 5 brand new Cuckolding Captions! Enjoy!

What a fun game!

She does look pretty excited...

It wouldn't be so bad, if only...

See? You're bonding!

The last way you can still excite her.