Monday, January 21, 2013

CBT Captions 61-70

I'm back with my lastest update... 10 more CBT captions! I've been in a "kicked in the nuts" kinda mood, what can I say? Let me know what you think in the comments. Enjoy, perverts!

No comment necessary.

And she's going to get a lot more...

You're not a dirty boy, are you?

And why should it be, really?

I bet you regret buying that high-powered, rapid-fire gun now.
And if you don't, you will soon.

That should clear that up!

The laughter hurts almost as much as the ballcrusher.
Ok, well, maybe the ballcrusher hurts a lot more.

See? She thought of everything!

Now you're the one who hates blowjobs!

Believe me, they get a lot bigger.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ass Worship Captions 101-110

 I'm back with 10 more brand new Ass Worship captions! Licking and kissing a woman's asshole is one of my favorite fetishes, so I love making captions about it... it's such a great excuse to look at lots of pictures of hot asses! Whether she's a haughty brat who's demanding debasement, a cruel domme who wants to put you in your place, or a naive schoolgirl who's just learning the pleasure of a boy's tongue on her asshole, it doesn't get any better than ass worship!

You should see what you have to do for their second offense.

You're going to be licking her ass for awhile.
And then she's going to sit down again.
And then you're going to be licking her ass for awhile...

 OMG!!! You kiss your girlfriend's butthole?!? That's soooo embarrassing!
I want to see you do it.

You do it when she wants, where she wants.
Got it?

"Dating her" = "orally serving her asshole"

 You do want to make her happy, don't you?

She knows you so well!

Don't worry. She'll help.

You're going to be a busy cuckolded asskisser!

Sounds like a great plan for a long weekend, doesn't it?