Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ass Worship Captions 1-5

For me, there's nothing that signifies a sissy's servitude to a dominant woman quite like being ordered to stick your tongue straight up her ass. Part of it is how dirty even a beautiful woman's asshole is supposed to be. Part of it is how emasculating it is for a man to kiss a woman her asshole - rather than a more fitting place, like her mouth or pussy. Oh, and part of it is how exciting it is because of how deviant it is.

Now, if I could just find a beautiful, bitchy woman who would demand that I spend a significant amount of my time with my tongue squarely up her asshole...

I'd settle for jamming my nose in her ass...
and I'd spend that time licking her taint for the privilege.

I don't know about you, but girl ass tastes like candy to me!

It would be so humiliating to have my
ass worshiping role exposed in public.

I think extreme ballbusting is a wonderful means of encouraging a
chaste sissy to make sure he does a thorough job of getting
that pouty little asshole spotlessly clean!

Asslicking. For the slave who hasn't earned the right to eat pussy.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Motivational Posters 1-5

I decided to crank out a few "motivational" posters. You're welcome.

There's not much hotter than a beautiful woman who knows
what her body and attitude do to spineless sissy bois.

I think it's hot when sissies/fags get ripped on for being
jealous of sluts - especially if their wives or girlfriends
are the ones being slutty.

Just because one year is a big round number, doesn't mean
you should let your chaste toy off the hook. I love how this
girl really looks like she's thinking about letting you out...

I've always liked how a hot woman's ass looks
when she's wearing a strap-on harness.
Doesn't it just make you want to kiss her ass
until she turns around? Then you can kiss her cock!

I'm a big fan of dominant women exploiting the
fetishes of their boy toys. That's what fetishes are for, right?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

10 Favorite Redheaded Porn Stars

Other guys ask me all the time, "What's your type? What kinda girls do you like?" Honestly, I don't have a type. If the porn on the intrawebbernette has taught me anything, it's that there are women of all kinds who are stupid hot - so hot, it's just stupid.

I've never really thought about what I like in a women, although I certainly know which pornstars I prefer... I'll try breaking them down into smaller categories to see what I like in a woman. A really, really slutty woman

To start, I figured out who my 10 favorite redheaded pornstars are. What trends and similarities did I find?
1) They look hot in normal everyday clothes
2) They have super-sexy O-faces
3) They love to have huge cocks in their mouth. They all just look so sexy with their cheeks stretched out and their lips wrapped around a giant cock or dildo...
4) They almost always have dominant/submissive tendencies. Their preferences tend to show up in their work as well.

My 10 Favorite Redheaded Pornstars:

10) Justine Joli
All Dressed Up
I love the "finger in the mouth" pose.

That Sexy O-Face
Justine looks like she could use my help...

A Mouth Built For Cock
She doesn't do much beyond solo/girls shoots, but
it looks like she knows how to please a cock.

Her Deviant Nature
Submissive. I love a hot girl who likes to be "forced"
to eat another hot girl's ass. Everyone's a winner!

9) Claire Adams
All Dressed Up
When a woman's hot and in the only pictures
of her you can find she's wearing full dominatrix
gear, you know you're all set.

That Sexy O-Face
And when the only pictures of her cumming show
her getting off by abusing another hottie with
her big strap-on... well, that woman belongs on this list!

A Mouth Built For Cock
Now... where should I put this hard-on?

Her Deviant Nature
Dominant. She's showing a sub-girl how to punish
a worthless sub-boy. We should all be so lucky.

8) Phoebe
All Dressed Up
So cute!

That Sexy O-Face
I think Phoebe likes the black dick...

A Mouth Built For Cock
Aw, are those tears? Fuck that, throat it to the balls.

Her Deviant Nature
Submissive. There aren't many shoots with Phoebe,
but they all feature her on her knees pleasing a
huge cock - so I'm guessing she at least a little submissive.

7) Vixen
All Dressed Up
Very much "girl next door".

That Sexy O-Face
I can't decide if I'd rather cram my cock in her pouty
little asshole or stuff it between those plumb red lips...

A Mouth Built For Cock
Some hot girls look even hotter with more than a
mouthful of black cock. Vixen is one of those women.

Her Deviant Nature
Submissive. Eve Lawrence is "helping" by holding her down...
Vixen strikes me as the kind of girl who'd need it rough
on a regular basis, just to keep her in line. I hope the guy pulled
out and just shoved it in her ass! Love the look on her face.

6) Felix Vicious
All Dressed Up
Pretty sure Felix is what most guys think
of when you say "hot college girl".

That Sexy O-Face
Here, Felix, let me help you with that!

A Mouth Built For Cock
Like Justine, Felix does mainly solo/girl-on-girl shoots,
but when they turn out like this can you really complain?

Her Deviant Nature
Dominant? She's making poor Brittney Skye pull her
panties down with her teeth. Can you guess what Felix
"made" her do next?

5) Riley Shy
All Dressed Up
Riley as a secretary...
"Miss Shy, could you come in here, please?"

That Sexy O-Face
Looks nice, right? Wish I was making her do that...

A Mouth Built For Cock
Yeah, stretch that cheek out!

Her Deviant Nature
Submissive. I'd love to chain her collar to the headboard
and pound her slutty ass doggy style.

4) Queeny Love
All Dressed Up
Queeny Love: Pretty much the reason they bother making
"sexy schoolgirl" costumes. I love how her tits hang out and
her pigtails. The retainer's a nice touch, too.

That Sexy O-Face
Queeny has a great look.
And she loves getting facials.

A Mouth Built For Cock
The girl's done at least 4 scenes with Max Hardcore.
I think she likes gettin' her mouth stretched.

Her Deviant Nature
Submissive. Queeny's always getting "forced" to suck
monster cock and eat huge cumloads. I'd love to see
her take on a few dominant roles though!

3) Scarlett Pain
All Dressed UpDoesn't she just look so cute?!?

That Sexy O-FaceCute, right? Plus, she's cumming from having a blonde
goth girl eat her out. I like to think that she'd let me
do that too, but I'd only be allowed to eat her ass.

A Mouth Built For CockLovelovelove it when a girl gags so much her mascara runs.
Get on that dick, Scarlett!

Her Deviant NatureDominant. She's humiliating a white guy (who's hung like me) about
how little his cock is. In this shoot, she teases him and keeps
him locked in chastity while she fucks a group of super
hung black guys. Sign me up for that!

2) Audrey Hollander
All Dressed UpWhoever said, "Guys don't make passes at girls who
wear glasses" was a fucking idiot. I may have a
burgeoning secretary/businesswoman fetish...

That Sexy O-Face She looks so intense! I like it when the girl looks
like maybe it hurts just a little...

A Mouth Built For CockHow can this look so right and so dirty at the same time?

Her Deviant NatureSwitch. You'd guess sub, but she's done some scenes where
she helps a group of guys destroy some poor girl. Don't
you just want to drop your load right on her ballgag?

1) Madison Young
All Dressed UpI... I think I just blew a load in my pants.
Seriously, how hot is Madison Young?
Very. The answer is "very".

That Sexy O-FaceNo question if she likes it.

A Mouth Built For Cock
Madison's about to make that gagging
noise I like to hear cute girls make so much!

Her Deviant NatureSwitch. She's a super hot sub, but she's also got
a really bitchy and demanding dominant side as well.
I won't lie, I'd stand in line to get my ass violated by
Madison Young's big fake dick. It'd totally be worth it.