Sunday, February 23, 2014

Cuckold Captions 131-140

Here's my latest batch - 10 brand new cuckold-themed captions! Enjoy, perverts!

Aren't you excited for her?

Everyone should know their role in life.

If he says no, you'll just have to use your imagination.

At least she'll be having a good time.
And that's what's important.

I would plan on tomorrow.

Women can spot a jealous, small-cocked cuckold a mile away.

Get comfortable. This could take awhile.

Thousands of wankers sitting at their computers
approve of the giant black rubber dong
you bought your beautiful girlfriend.

And dessert, of course.

Message received.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Chastity Captions 131-140

I'm back with 10 brand new chastity captions!

Oh, and I started a Tumblr to promote this blog. I'm not moving over to Tumblr completely, because it's not designed for posting story chapters or galleries of captions - the two things I do the most. I'll use it to spread the word about this site. When I post a new batch of captions or a new chapter, I'll post a couple of the captions or a note about the new chapter on Tumblr. We'll see how that works out ;)

TL;DR - Tumblr. Also, MOAR dirty pictures with dirty words!

How dare you look at her naked breasts after just five months!

Interesting in a "stare at your female students and drool" kind of way.

She's so concerned about your well-being!
It's really quite sweet.

But that couldn't be it. Right?

Better learn to love it.
Better to remember to say 'Thank You".

Dreams can become nightmares in a hurry.

Amazing how such a small thing can be so devastating. 

I'm sure she'll be able to find it once you get back.

She can ruin you even over Skype.

Jerk. Get Close. Stop. Go limp.