Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Celebs 1: Scarlett Johansson

In case any of you haven't run across these yet... here are the two pictures of Scarlett Johansson naked that were leaked today. I thought I'd post some high quality copies, before most of the sites start getting asked to pull them down. And I found a couple of versions where people had spent some time trying to improve the picture quality. Enjoy!

Pic 1 - untouched original

Pic 1 - more contrast

Pic 1 - best version!

Pic 2 - untouched original

Pic 2 - more contrast

Here's to hoping that there are a lot more of these on the way! A lot more!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cuckold Captions 81-90

Hey, everyone! I'm completely moved into my new place now and... I have internet again! Woo hoo! Sure, I don't have my computer desk set up yet, but I found a big box that works pretty well, so, um, yeah. Who's up for some captions?

Cuckolding captions were the 3rd place finisher in my poll, so here are 10 more brand news ones!


So close to what you wanted!

It's the laughter that really gets to you.

It seems like she makes more every week.

Tough choice...

That is a pretty good reason.

Slurp slurp!

Just so we're clear...

Guess what your job is!

Be a helpful cuckold.