Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Electronic Relaxation Assistant - Ch. 2: Serious Business

Here is my second chapter from the "Electronic Relaxation Assistant" story. Enjoy!

Chapter 2: Serious Business

The next morning, Jill was ready for her second day at her new job. Yesterday, it had been difficult. She serviced a young black man (and his friends), but they did pay (a very small amount, it seemed to Jill), and she supposed that's all that really mattered. At work she was mounted in the chair. While she waited for a customer as she thought about sucking fat cock, dreamed about gagging on hard dick after hard dick. Whose cock would she suck? How many? For how long? She asked herself a ton of questions, and day-dreamed about the thickness and lengths of them. Jill felt really whorish for dick, but it felt great knowing she was tagged as a higher-quality prostitute, that deserved to be in one of these fancy chairs.

She squirmed a bit, getting wet. She was thinking about this too hard, but she couldn't help it. The EVA had not been deployed by the mean nurse. And the EBA sat silent, waiting nearby to stimulate her nipples. She let out a grunt as she heard the doors open.

In walked a beautiful businesswoman. She wore an office jacket, long-sleeved and black, with a white, buttoned up shirt underneath. Her breasts were enormous! They bounced slightly with each step, begging to be released from the tight shirt. Her matching skirt was short, reaching just above her knees. It hugged her thighs and rear relentlessly, black mesh stockings rising from her feet, and disappearing under that skirt. Black high-heels click-clacked against the tiles of the floor, as she eyed the two boxes- the other one was already occupied.

She said to Jill, "You poor thing! You must be neglected of cock! The man next to you forcing you to starve as he pounds that girl's little throat. I suppose you'd like some?"

The businesswoman chuckled, grinning that creepy business-friendly grin, as she paid the $5 fee. Once the glass door slid open, she immediately began to undress. She slid off her skirt then smiled at Jill. There was a massive bulge at the front of the lady's panties! Her giant cock and balls were already hanging out of it, hardening at a slow rate as she pulled the silky cloth aside.

"Wanna suck my fat friend here, lovely?" she teased, grabbing the thick girth and slowly beginning to stroke it. Jill's eyes were wide, and she began to beg for that delicious treat.

"Oh, please - oh, please, let me suck your huge cock! Just gag me with it a little - just a little! Stretch my cheeks out and slap me with it! Please? Please!" Jill pleaded.

The woman straddled the ERA seat. She plopped her balls in Jill's face.

"Start by sucking them, while I prepare the machine for you."

She slurped those sweaty orbs like she hadn't been fed in weeks, as the EVA and EBA were deployed by the customer. They caused a moan or a few to come out of Jill's stuffed mouth. The businesswoman closed her eyes as she began to grind her crotch into Jill's face.

It was only a matter of time, however, before she sat up and pointed her thick cockhead straight toward Jill's wide open mouth. She swallowed the giant thing as it snaked down her throat. Her natural reaction was to gag and force the cockmeat back out - an action the ERA chair would not allow. This all increased the pleasure the businesswoman received, causing her to thrust until she hilted balls-deep in Jill's mouth. Her throat bulged unnaturally, her eyes wide as tears rolled down her puffed out cheeks. She wanted to flail, but her limbs were restrained. The woman laughed at her pain, refusing to dislodge her cock. Instead, she sat her full weight behind her woman-cock and did her best to grind it as painfully as possible into Jill's face. The sadistic customer knew that every additional centimeter of cock she could shove into Jill's mouthpussy would exponentially increase Jill's suffering.

Secretly, Jill was enjoying the intentional abuse of her throat. Feeling that thickness force her throat open and allow that cock to barrel its way down toward her stomach made her so wet! She felt so full, she felt like she wanted to throw up, but was unable to, as the woman's dick slid effortlessly up and down. It felt like a day passed before the businesswoman threw her head back, let out a lewd and guttural moan and splashed her seed. Jill's mouth rapidly filled up, and the sticky white goo started oozing out of her nose and around the girlcock still lodged in her lips. It was a hard orgasm - she could feel those womanly balls literally shrinking as the unloaded torrents of molten seed.

Jill gobbled mouthful after mouthful of the woman's semen, coughing it out as she tried to breathe. The businesswoman attempted to stuff the remains of her raging boner under her skirt perfectly so it wouldn't tent it. The customer sighed, feeling so empty now, but satisfied - for the moment, at least.

Jill noticed that at the other box, the man was still face-fucking the other ERA girl. It was odd, like he wanted everything to stop, but couldn't since he was enjoying this all too well. The girl in that box was sucking him clean, keeping him from leaving by continuing to suck until he was hard again. Wiggling in her seat, Jill watched with interest as the man went through his third orgasm, grunting and groaning as he felt completely tender in his crotch area. His hands were latched onto his thighs, squeezing them frantically as he was already nearing his fourth. Oh, my, she was really working him, watching his face turn red from the immense pleasure he was receiving, and the fact that it was actually starting to hurt.

It was a moment later that Jill recognized the woman in the other box... it was the cruel nurse from Jill's first day at work! What was she doing there? Was she being punished? Rewarded? And how did she get so good at sucking cock? It had been an interesting day, and tomorrow would be as well...

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cuckold Captions 11-15

Happy holidays, perverts! If you get to take a break for work, school, or whatever, I hope it's wonderful. Since it's the giving season and all that, I'd like to let you all know that I'm always open to taking requests. Got a celebrity, pornstar, fetish, etc that you'd like to see captioned? Send me a quick note and I'll see what I can do!

Here's the next wave of 5 cuckolding captions!

Hey, the truth hurts. Especially with you.

Don't ask her a question if you don't really want to know the answer...

It's your fetish, but some other man gets to enjoy it.
Just like he enjoys your woman, cuckold!

Yeah, I'm sure he'll take really good care of her.
Over and over again!

You know you're a real cuckold when you're ordered
to find a man-cock for your wife to enjoy!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ass Worship Captions 6-10

If you frequent my blog, you know that I have a bit of an obsession with being "forced" to worship a beautiful woman's ass. And the bitchier she is about making me tongue-fuck her hot asshole, the better! Which is why I can't believe that it's been so long since I've done a set of Ass Worship Captions! Let's fix that little problem right now...

I'm not much for public humiliation, but if she wants it, she gets it!

Whether you lose on purpose or not, has there ever
been a better way to end up on your knees face-to-ass?
And how cute are her panties?!?

I love a girl who realizes what a great opportunity my asslicking
fetish is for her to truly debase a pathetic man.

Hahaha, nerds are fun to torture because they never get any anyway!

Yes, please!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Chastity Captions 16-20

Time for some more captioned pictures. But first I'd like to mention that the blog has blown by 1,300 visitors since I set it up! And the blog also recently got its first followers! Very exciting! I'm glad you find this stuff interesting too, internet!

You can slowly introduce your fetishes to a relationship.
But you can't guarantee she won't use them all at once.

Love. It.

I love the idea of a woman kissing and teasing a cock while
it's still locked up in chastity. Fun!

Things are different now... And better.

For her? Absolutely!

10 Favorite Blonde Pornstars (#10-6)

I haven't done one of these in awhile, so I thought it was time to figure out who my ten favorite blonde pornstars are! I don't really have a preference for one particular hair color, but I know a lot of guys (and girls!) out there are big fans of the blondes! And, let me tell you, there are A LOT of blonde pornstars to choose from. It was really difficult, but eventually I think I got my ten favorites together. Just like with the list of my 10 Favorite Redheaded Pornstars, I looked at:
1) Are they beautiful dressed up (dressed to get fucked or in everyday clothes, either way)?
2) Does the girl make a face when she orgasms that makes you want to fuck her even harder?
3) Do you look at her mouth and just want to stuff her throat with your cock? Coat her lips and cheeks with giant loads of cum?
4) This is a new one - Does she have an ass that makes you want to kiss it and fuck it over and over and over? Everybody loves a little bubble butt bouncing on a stiff cock!
5) How kinky is she? Not really a requirement, but I definitely prefer when they're at least a little bit deviant!

Ok, here we go!

10) Spring Thomas
All Dressed Up
Ok. Let me get this out of the way. Spring... says some
mean things in her videos. Do I believe she means them? Not really.
I mean, they introduced Page Turner on her site as her "sister",
"Kate Thomas". That being said, keep it in mind. In any case,
when she's all dressed up, she looks cute as can be!

That Sexy O-Face
Doesn't that face make you want to blow your load deep inside her?

An Ass To Die For
Have to admit... if she ordered me to, I would totally
eat her asshole out while she bounced on that BBC!

A Mouth Built For Cock
Honestly, who couldn't watch Spring lick and suck all day long?

Her Deviant NatureDomme! Spring dances that fine line. She's about as submissive
as a cocksucker can be when she's presented with a fat cock. But she
will cuck a poor sap boyfriend in the blink of an eye.

9) Nicki Hunter (Nicky Hunter, Nicki Hunter)
All Dressed Up
Damn! Nicki makes for one hot naughty nurse!
Can't get over how she looks in tight pink.

That Sexy O-Face
That's the spot!

An Ass To Die ForAlthough she's not known for it, Nicki's ass is killer. See above.

A Mouth Built For Cock
Nicki's really aggressive, so she's a lot more likely to
devour a cock and splatter the cum everywhere than
spend lots of time licking the cock.

Her Deviant NatureDominant! Nicki's got an entire movie about her domming hot girls,
and she's also done a number of T&D clips. Yummy!

8) Bree Olson
All Dressed Up
Bree looks exactly like that one really hot girl you know.
Only hotter.

That Sexy O-Face
Hot o-face made even hotter by her cute pigtails...

An Ass To Die For
Yes, I will have some of that, please.

A Mouth Built For Cock
Isn't this just the sweetest thing you've ever seen?
Her mouth filled completely, her jaw stretched out...

Her Deviant NatureNeither? :( Bree's not big into really kinky scenes, but we can always hope...

7) Aubrey Adams
All Dressed Up
Aubrey is quite a looker, no doubt about it.

That Sexy O-Face
I think she needs it harder.

An Ass To Die For
Spank it. Lick it. Fuck it.
In that order. Or not. Whatever she wants.

A Mouth Built For Cock
Aubrey seems like the kind of girl who would
try really, really hard to take your cock in
her throat all the way to the balls.

Her Deviant NatureDominant! She's done a number of movies where she
abuses some poor guy. This shot is from a clip she did where
she blindfolded a guy and made him fuck a pocket pussy
after she promised to fuck him. She's one mean lady!

6) Haley Scott
All Dressed Up
Haley has a thing for dressing up.
Thank you, Haley. Thank you.

That Sexy O-Face
Just look at that face! It looks like it hurts a bit...
and Haley likes it that way!

An Ass To Die For
Look at how stretched out her little asshole gets!
I... would like to do that for her. Please, Haley?

A Mouth Built For Cock
She has the softest looking tongue.
I want to make her lick me for hours!

Her Deviant Nature

Submissive! Haley likes to be tied up and abused.
And she looks fabulous when she is!

#5-1 will be up shortly!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Cruel Tease - Chapter 2: Pain for the Sake of Amusement

Here's the second chapter in my original (and mostly real) story!

Cruel Tease - Chapter 5: Aching For Release
Cruel Tease - Chapter 4: Bring The Pain

Cruel Tease - Chapter 3: Abusive The Privilege

Cruel Tease - Chapter 2: Pain For The Sake Of Amusement

Cruel Tease - Chapter 1: A Poor Decision

The Cast:
Colin - a grad student who was silly enough to ask Linda to be his keyholder.
Linda - a redheaded cocktease with a vicious dominant streak.

Linda had yet to allow Colin to cum since they had adopted their new relationship. Linda was
obviously enjoying the attention, but Colin was beginning to regret the arrangement. His swollen balls ached terribly and Linda was never too busy to schedule time with him to make it worse.

Today, she had arrived shortly after dinner wearing a tight white top that showed off her deep cleavage and a short plaid skirt that came down to just below her ass cheeks. She bounced into the room, ordering Colin to stop what he was doing and drop his pants.

"I went shopping for you today!" Linda said breathlessly. "And I totally picked up some fun toys to use on you."

"Um. Thank you?" answered Colin, thrown off by Linda's sexiness and the pain coming from his trapped cock's swelling. "Do I need… I mean, thanks, but do you really need anything else to… use on me?"

"None of that, say thank you and don't spoil my mood," Linda hissed. She grabbed his balls dangling under his chastity tube and pulled him close. "You keep saying things that make me think you need more discipline and I want to stay entertained, so I got some new… implements. First, let's get those hands out of the way."

Linda stepped behind Colin and cuffed his wrists after he removed his shirt. She moved in close so his hands were pressed against her pussy and her breasts rubbed against his back through her shirt. She slid her hands in between his arms and body and caressed his abs. Her fingers slowly worked down towards his cock, straining and beginning to drip in its prison. Linda breathed heavily in his ear, flicking her tongue against his neck. Colin gritted his teeth as his cock tried to break free and painfully failed. His balls felt leaden and the familiar ache was growing as Linda's red fingernails reached the base of his cock.

"These are my cock and balls and I've been thinking about some fun things to do with them," Linda said as she tugged on Colin's chastity tube, his cockhead turning purple-ish against the plastic jail. "It looks like the cage has been doing a number on you," Linda commented. "Just how much cum do you have in those balls? Are they nice and full and sensitive? Would it hurt you terribly if I just gave them a little squeeze and tug?"

Colin moaned as Linda circled her fingers around his sack and began to pull downward. She smiled up at him as started giving his sack slight jerks.

"I just don't know if I want to take you out of your prison to tease you… or if I just want to tease you like this," Linda said. She suddenly leaned in and delivered a stiff uppercut to Colin's balls. Colin crumpled into a ball on the floor. "No, I think I'll have fun with you without taking off your belt."

Linda leaned over Colin’s curled up body, the key to his cage swinging out from between her ample cleavage. Linda’s new handcuffs kept Colin’s hands out of the way as her foot slid out of its heel and onto his face.

"Let’s start with some foot worship. Lick my foot clean. I've been walking all day, and my toes are all sweaty." dropped her other shoe and put her second foot over his mouth and nose.

Colin took her foot into his mouth and did his best to lick clean the beautiful toes of the woman who had just crippled him. The sweat was salty, but the giggles his tongue produced encouraged him to focus on being thorough. When she was sure he had done a sufficient job, Linda pulled her foot out of his mouth and slapped his cheek with it.

"Don't be a toe-whore. It's so disgusting to have you slobbering all over my cute tootsies. And you're not supposed to enjoy this, you're supposed to be cleaning your princess! Roll on your back, it's time to do the other one."

Colin turned on his back, trapping his arms beneath him. Linda put her bare foot on his stomach and stood up with her full weight on him. Colin let out a gasp as she dropped her other shoe and put her second foot over his mouth and nose.

"Drink it in, while you lick it clean. Gawd, you're such a little perv. Look at how hard this is getting you. Please, like you've really got a chance to cum."

When she was finally satisfied with the cleanliness of her feet, Linda stepped down.

"Ok, chasty, it's time for me to cum! Would you like to make me cum?"

Colin nodded his head. Maybe if he got her off really well she'd let him cum too? Linda uncuffed his hands and laid down on Colin's bed. As she stretched out, her short black skirt rose up her soft legs, causing Colin to whimper at the sight. His cock was hard in its cage, deformed and swollen.

"Alright, slut, get out the new vibrator I just bought out of the bag. I want you to make me cum with it... Hurry up, it's been, like, forever since I last had an orgasm!"

Colin quickly rolled over and scrambled to Linda's bag of goodies, all the while thinking about how long it'd been since she'd allowed him to cum. Those thoughts were interrupted when he found Linda's new vibrator. His mouth literally dropped open in shock. The container it came in was clear plastic, so as to show off the massive battery-powered dildo inside. The rubber-like material glistened as if the fake cock was already soaked in pussy juice. It was black and it looked like it was very serious about pounding some white girl pussy today. The dildo was 16 inches from its swollen tip to the giant balls and it was as large around as a soda can.

"Pretty hot, huh?" Linda asked. "Bet you're kinda jealous, because it's so much bigger than your teeny weenie. Don't worry, sugar, I only want to fuck it because it's just much larger than you. That's the only reason. Not like I have a deep emotional attachment to it, like I do with you. So don't be jealous. Now, bring it over here and get to work using it to please me."

Holding back tears, Colin opened the package and took the mammoth cock out. He inserted the two rechargeable batteries it needed to vibrate and rotate the head slightly. Then he shuffled over to the bed on his knees, holding the dildo out in front of him.

"Oh, quit moping, and get to it - I wanna cum!" Linda said in a bitchy tone. "Slowly ease that monster into my tight lil' pussy. Then build up to ramming it in full length. Put all of the strength you have in those little girly arms of yours into it, sissy. I deserve to be fucked by a real man, but since there's not one here - do you're best impersonation of one."

Colin was forced to stretched the pussy of this beautiful woman who refused to let him have any sexual enjoyment. To use this dildo, much larger than his average sized dick, to bring her to a shuddering climax. Soon, Linda was biting her lips, clenching the sheets with her blood-red finger nails, and arching her back off the bed as wave after wave of orgasmic bliss racked her body. Drips of sweat beaded up on her gorgeous legs and rolled down her thighs.

Colin, with he face right in between her legs, had to plunge the cock into Linda over and over again with no chance to even avert his eyes. His cock, so far denied pleasure under Linda's control, throbbed in its pink plastic prison. Precum oozed slowly from the cramped head as his balls continued to ache.

"Oh, oh, Colin... Colin... I don't... don't want to let you cuuuuuum!!!" Linda manged to say in between orgams. "Keep fucking me with that big... black... cock... oh, oooooo. Yes! Yes, harder harder! Never going to let you cum!!! Harder, harder! Keep you locked up and... oh, gawd, yes, yes YES!!!"

Linda collapesed on the bed, obviously exhausted from her repeated orgasms. Colin very carefully withdrew the enourmous dildo and inched back from the bed wanting not to disturb her. Linda lay still, enjoying the afterglow, for quite some time. Finally she sat up on one elbow.

"Nice work, homo. Gawd, it feels so good to cum on a big, fat cock. But you probably know that already, right?" Before she had sat up, Linda had decided what direction she was going to take this evening before she left Colin - still locked up and unsatisfied, of course. "Are you just going to sit there staring at my pretty pussy? If you love my pussy so much, you should want to worship it every chance you get..."

"Oh, I do love your pussy, Linda! I would love to worship it, right now if you'd like."

"Gawd, you're so eager. It's pathetic. No, I don't want you drooling all over my hot box like you did all over my toes... I want you to lick my pussy juice off my new black friend there in your hands."

Colin's lip began to tremble - why was Linda suddenly so mean to him? He had proposed this whole chastity thing in the first place... he'd thought it would be fun and a great way to have some kinky sex with Linda. Instead, here he was on his knees, getting ready to lick a giant black dildo clean of Linda's fuck juice. How had things gone so far off track?

"Quit stalling, faggot. Or do you not want to get out of that cage? Maybe you didn't hear me during that last screaming orgasm, but I think it'd be super hot to just leave you locked up for ever and ever... so maybe it'd be in your best interest to do what I say? Don't you think?"

The reality of Linda's words cut through Colin's hesitance. He set the dildo on the floor in front of him and got on all fours to reach the base of the cock with his mouth.

"That's right, start at the base. Give the balls a once over with your tongue, too. They were slapping against my pussy pretty hard. Then work your way up to the very tip. Not so fast, cocksucker. Make sure to cover the whole thing in your cuckold kisses. And don't worry, I won't make you suck it. Tonight. Tonight's just about you licking dick, not sucking it." Linda laughed as her comments made Colin sob.

"You know what, slave boy? If you want to cry, I'm happy to give you something to cry about," Linda sounded more than her usual post-orgasm bitchy. She walked behind Colin and grabbed his swollen sack. She pulled his tender balls back between his legs. "Close your legs together and keep your lil' balls out behind you," Linda ordered. "Now, in between licks on the only cock in the room that's allowed to fuck me, I want you to beg me to kick you in your poor, blue balls. And be convincing, because I want to see if it's been long enough that I can punt the backed-up cum out of them yet."

"Puh-please, kick my balls, Linda" Colin's voice wavered as he snuffled along at the base of the dildo. "I would really l-love it if you would really k-k-kick them hard."

"You want it? You got it!" Linda laughed triumphantly. She hopped onto her left foot as she swung her right one back and then slammed it forward into Colin's balls. Colin dropped to his elbows as his arms gave out. "You better still be licking that cock. Just 'cause I decided to do what you asked and kick your balls doesn't mean I'm going to let you out of your other work. Plus, you're getting one kick for each orgasm I had. Did you keep track? How many times did I cum?"

"I... I think four times, Linda," Colin said through gritted teeth.

"Wrong. Six times. There were two smaller orgasms mixed in. But because I'm feeling generous, I won't add any punishment kicks, even though you were wrong. Don't let it happen again."

"Oh, thank you, thank you, Linda! I'm sorry and I won't make that mistake again."

"Good, I want you paying very close attention to me while I'm cumming. Now, let's get started with your six kicks. Keep licking that cock while I put my shoes back on..."

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cuckold Captions 6-10

I love the idea of a long-term girlfriend refusing to have
sex with her boyfriend because it might hurt their
relationship. So, of course, she's got to fuck other guys!

If you locked an average man in chastity and he knew
the only times he would be allowed to have an orgasm were when
he was playing with himself while he listened to his wife's stories
about sleeping around... how long before he literally
begged his wife to fuck other men?

I'm gonna go with 3 months. Maybe 4, max.

Yes, she agreed to help you work out your cuckolding fantasy.
And yes, she promised to make sure the bulls weren't
anyone you knew. But that was before she really got into it.
And, really, what are you going to do to stop her, cuckold?

How is she supposed to keep track of all of the real men she fucks?
There are so many! That's hardly a fair request to make.
Plus, why do you care? Not like you had a shot at being one of them.

Being locked in chastity by a beautiful woman is a dream come true.
But what if she started to taunt you with the possibility of her
getting her sexual needs fulfilled by real-man bulls. Would
it still seem like a turn-on as she flirted with them in front of you?