Saturday, January 30, 2010

10 Favorite Brunette Pornstars (#10-6)

If you've checked out the older posts here (and I highly suggest you do!), you know that I've put together lists of my Top 10 favorite blonde (#6-10 here and #1-5 here) and redheaded (all ten here) pornstars. Well, now it's time for the brunettes!

10) Tory Lane
All Dressed UpTory loves to dress up, whether it's a fantasy costume like
this or a businesswoman's suit, or a latex uniform.

That Sexy O-FaceHave to admire the intensity...

An Ass To Die ForI would pay anything to be the poor girl being
buried in Tory's ass! Yum, yum!

A Mouth Built For CockShe sure knows how to take a cock...

Her Deviant Nature
Dominant! On rare occasion, Tory will do a shoot where
she's submissive. But the vast majority of her work
is as a demanding, loud, bitchy mistress.
Yes. Please.

9) Belladonna
All Dressed UpBelladonna is really well known - and for good reason!
But she mainly focuses on videos, so if you're looking
for more of her (and you should be!) start there.

That Sexy O-FaceShe's a dirty, dirty girl. And she knows you love it.

An Ass To Die ForSo hot, it's just silly!

A Mouth Built For CockBelladonna's more than happy to take a load in the face.

Her Deviant Nature
Switch! Belladonna's famous for her girl-on-girl scenes where
either Belladonna or the poor girl she's playing with get the stuffing
fucked out of them. But she switches to from top to bottom
pretty regularly. And I'm so glad she does!

8) Sasha Grey
All Dressed UpI'll be honest - Sasha was in my top 10 before I started looking up
a lot of her pictures, but she wasn't this high. Then I started finding
some of her pictures, like the one above. I've decided that I
really need to watch more of her scenes from now on.

That Sexy O-FaceSasha usually plays it pretty cool in her clips, but you
can tell she's enjoying herself.

An Ass To Die ForI would like to volunteer to be Sasha's new chair!

A Mouth Built For CockHow cute is she!

Her Deviant Nature
Dominant! Really, really dominant!
Sasha's done shoots with Extreme Ballbusters and
WhippedAss (to name a few) and she's
always the woman in charge!!!

7) Jenny Hendrix
All Dressed UpHow could you not want to violate innocent lil'
Jenny Hendrix over and over?

That Sexy O-FaceI love how she pouts with her lips out
when she's cumming...

An Ass To Die For
Wow. Just... wow.

A Mouth Built For Cock
Don't you just want to blow massive load
after massive load all over her pouty lips?

Her Deviant NatureDominant. Jenny doesn't do tons of bdsm-type work,
but she tends to be the girl wearing the strap-on
or making the other girl eat her delicious ass.

6) Ashley Blue
All Dressed Up
When you cross the innocent look of Jenny Hendrix with
the shameless sluttiness of Belladonna...
you get Ashley Blue!

That Sexy O-FaceShe likes it a bit rough...

An Ass To Die ForI'd like to have my face shoved in there!

A Mouth Built For Cock
She especially loves to be gagged and face-fucked
with giant cocks. In fact, I think she can cum just
from that! She looks so cute next to that monster!

Her Deviant NatureSwitch! Ashley's pretty submissive to guys.
Like I mentioned, she really likes to be abused
by big dick. But when it comes to women, she's
a lot more likely to be the girl wearing the huge strap-on.
She's in every "The Violation of..." movie as one of the
brutally mean girls - except for this one!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ass Worship Captions 11-15

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! By popular request, here are 5 more new Ass Worship Captions!

Not a bad way to be ordered to spend the evening...

How could you deny her any pleasure she requests?

How can you choose, when they're both so beautiful?

You really should be more grateful for being allowed
to lick her clean after she fucks her lesbian girlfriend.

Assfluffer. I would so apply for that job!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chastity Captions 21-25

Here is my latest set of five chastity captions!

The bitchier she is, the harder you get...

You know it's true.

Some fetishes mix together better than others!

Always punish your chaste slave for things they can't control.

Sorry, but only real men get to cum.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sissy Captions 1-5

A few of you asked if I could take a swing at making some "sissy" captions. Basically, anything having to do with being made to be super girly, getting strap-on fucked, or forced to be subservient to a Real Man... yeah, I think I can do that!

Be careful, or that ass fucking will cost
you your right to speak!

Ah, the many, many chores that a sissy must handle.

As a sissy, it's best that you get used to having cock in your ass.
Really, really used to it.

How submissive would you have to be in order to
agree to get your mouth and tongue pierced
just so a Real Man could enjoy using them more?

You know this is where you're headed, right?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cuckold Captions 16-20

Hey, cuckolds! I know you've been hoping for some more captions about how that special lady in your life is cheating on you - and how she flaunts it in front of you... So here you go!

She's training you to be her cuckold servant.
Every time you make a mistake, she fucks more men.
And you make so many mistakes...

It's not just about her pleasure.
It's also about humiliating you.
Really humiliating you.

Not a bad way to organize them, actually.

Why is it that black cock sluts always like it rough from their bull?
They always seem to want to be used and degraded by a Real Man,
but they only laugh and tease guys like you...

She's awfully proud of what happened while
you were doing your chores!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Motivational Captions 6-10

What can I say, I got inspired! Here are five chastity-themed Motivational Captions. Enjoy!

I. Love. Halloween.

I went from "very excited" to "very concerned".

And you'd happily do it, too.

How could you not masturbate constantly around her?

Love the look. Love the smile. Love the tease.