Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Cuckold Captions 151-160 - Valentine's Day Edition

Happy Valentine's Day, cuckolds! Enjoy these new cuckold captions as you beat off alone tonight - and don't forget to send your girlfriend or wife's bull a thank you note tomorrow.

Worth it for her. You'll just have to take her word for it.

How about a bit of sympathy for her, huh?

Really, really abundantly clear.
The posts on Facebook helped.

Remember, he was the one who shoved you into the mud. 
You got all mad, but couldn't do anything about it,
since he's ripped as hell... Remember him?

The sacrifices she's willing to make - she's really quite incredible.

Is that better or worse than at different times?
She'll experiment and you can let her know. Teamwork!

Or at least stop making you lick her ring clean afterward.
That's just excessive.

Events that are important to you rank a
distant second to anything related to pleasing her date.

She was upfront about cheating.
And it got your stupid little penis hard.
This is your fault, really.

She doesn't even turn around to say good-bye when you leave.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Videos 8: ASMR - Cheating Girlfriend

It's been awhile since I linked to ASMR videos with pervy tones. But seeing as tomorrow is Valentine's Day, I thought something special was in order. Last week, I stumbled onto ElleBell ASMR, a newcomer who launched her Youtube channel just five months ago. The first video of her's I saw is the one I've embedded below - "Cheating Girlfriend ASMR Role Play".

A role play of a cheating girlfriend. Just in time for Valentine's. Perfect!

The video is shot as if the camera is a guy who is hitting on her during her date with her boyfriend. She plays coy for a bit before deciding to ditch her boyfriend. She drops some casually humiliating barbs in the direction of her former boyfriend for good measure.

If you've ever wondered what your girlfriend actually sounds like when a superior man hits on her, this is it. Her comments are subtle, cutting, and come very naturally. Nothing too overt, and no dirty language. Instead, it's something rarer - an honest depiction of a girl choosing a better guy over you and tossing you aside.

Happy Valentines's Day!

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