Monday, October 20, 2014

Videos 6: Halloween Edition - Catwoman & Harley Quinn

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Last year The Mad Eroticist (, turned me on to ASMR videos. Since then, I've been watching ASMR videos pretty regularly. The ones I like best are the roleplay ASMR videos, for obvious/perverted reasons. About a month ago I stumbled on a video that wasn't just a roleplay ASMR... it was a cosplay ASMR.

"Inky ASMR" did a video where she was Harley Quinn! Complete with pigtails, black lipstick, and adorable insanity. In the video you're Batman - captured and helpless. She threatens and humiliates you in a way that seems so natural to her. It's nothing too overt, just this gloriously subtle disregard for you. "I'm just a gymnast... with a tranquilizer gun. And a baseball bat."

If that wasn't enough, Inky followed that up with a video where she plays Catwoman. Black latex mask, shiny black catsuit, dark red lipstick, and a distinct indifference to your discomfort. And you're her prisoner. Oh, that cold smile. Yes. Please.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Videos 5: Halloween Edition - Zombies!

Happy Halloween, perverts!

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Ok. Now for the pervy Halloween stuff.

Let's talk about zombies for a minute. They're bad news. And what's the best way to deal with the walking dead? Aim for the head, of course. I love watching zombie movies, so when I stumbled across a short video/commercial called "Doing A Weekly Shop In A Zombie Apocalypse" I had to check it out.

But while I was watching, I noticed I was having some inappropriate thoughts. (gasp!) Maybe it was the knee socks. Or the young lady wearing them. Or the cricket bat she was using to slap zombies around. Or the bat was chained to her for safe keeping. Or maybe it was her vinyl running shorts.

I found myself wishing that Buffy The Zombie Slayer would use the bat to teach me a valuable lesson. About zombie-safety or how they like they socks folded. Whatever excuse, really. Spare the rod and all that.

 Who knew I'd spend most of the outbreak drooling?

 Disdain looks the same, even after the apocalypse.

Here comes the pain.
Remember to say "thank you".

Wiggle wiggle wiggle... yeah.

Fair warning, there's some zombie gore in the full video.