Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ass Worship Captions 131-140

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I hope all of you perverts have a wonderful end of the year and a fantastic 2015!

Here's a set of new ass worship captions to help you ring in the New Year exactly how you should - on your knees behind a domineering woman with your insipid face wedged between her glorious cheeks.

I mean, it's something. Right?

You don't really want to date, do you?
Wouldn't you rather forgo a social life and just lick mean girls' assholes?

It's not fair for her to wait from Thursday until Friday night to get her ass worshipped.
Your monthly orgasm can wait until your next monthly orgasm.

If you do a truly thorough job, she may let you eat 
actual 'real people' food off of her ass.
It's good to have goals.

You're going to apologize until she believes you.
Prepare to be red-faced, sweaty, and out of breath by the time she's convinced.

She has never, ever been accused for playing fair.
 Not once.

Let's be honest. It's not like you had other plans.

Just let her adjust her socks and call over her friends in the cheerleading squad.

I'm sure she won't abuse her new position.
But you'd still better practice saying Please and Thank You.
And begging.

Your girlfriend's asshole is actually your new girlfriend.
And you're going to love your long make out sessions with your new girlfriend.