Saturday, March 13, 2010

10 Favorite Brunette Pornstars (#5-1)

Here they are, my Top 5 favorite Brunette pornstars! If you look through the archive of my blog posts, you'll find my Top 10 Redheads and Blonds.

And for those of you wondering - no, my Top 10 lists aren't going to stop here! I'll continue to mix some of Top 5/Top 10 of different aspects of porn in with caption picture and story posts.

5) Gianna Michaels
All Dressed UpOh, Gianna, you are so cute.
And filthy.
So cute and filthy.

That Sexy O-FaceGianna cums harder on BBC...

An Ass To Die ForShe's got plenty of ass - and she really, really
knows how to use it!

A Mouth Built For CockDoesn't she look happy?

Her Deviant Nature
Switch! Gianna's early BDSM shoots were all with
her in the dominant role. But lately, she's done
more of a mix. Either way, I'm a fan!

4) Sophie Strauss (Sophie Crush, Sophie Doll)
All Dressed UpO. M. G! Sophie is just a doll!

That Sexy O-FaceEvery time Sophie cums, she makes this face.
Doesn't it make you want to see
her cum over and over?

An Ass To Die For"An Ass To Die For". Check.

A Mouth Built For CockAlso check. Look at those lips!
Smile like a cheerio, baby!

Her Deviant Nature
Dominant! Ok, to be fair, Sophie doesn't have much
of a dark edge to her. She does mostly girl-on-girl
and solo shoots (not that I'm complaining - I'll take what
I can get!). But she has done a number of "masturbation
instruction" clips and a few have had a "small penis
humiliation" theme, so we're going to put her on the
light side of the dominant end of the d/s scale.

3) Julia Bond
All Dressed UpLet me start with this - I looked at a ton of Julia's pictures
(heh heh) trying to find ones that showed off just how
cute and sexy she is... and they just aren't out there.
Trust me, you owe it to yourself to check
out her videos.

That Sexy O-FaceJulia loves big cock!

An Ass To Die For Come on, tell me she doesn't have the hottest ass ever!

A Mouth Built For CockMaybe it's just me (it isn't), but I would watch
Julia suck fat cock for hours.

Her Deviant Nature
Switch! Julia isn't really into BDSM shoots, although
she's done some light bondage like this and a really
hot ballbusting scene for Fantasy POV.

2) Deja Daire
All Dressed UpDeja has a rockin' body, a super cute face, and
- the kicker - a sweetie pie voice that just
gets me so hard it's not even funny.

That Sexy O-Face It's amazing that any woman this hot can look
this innocent while on all fours for big dick.

An Ass To Die ForYes. I will have that.

A Mouth Built For CockOne thing I've learned about Deja from her videos -
she doesn't just like to suck cock...
she prefers to gag and choke on it!

Her Deviant Nature
Switch! Deja's done a number of videos both as
a demanding dominatrix and as a subservient
sex slave. Thank you, Deja. Thank you.

1) Penny Flame
All Dressed UpYou know Penny's a ridiculously hot pornstar
because she can look stupid sexy in an outfit
that would just look like normal clothes
on any other woman.

That Sexy O-Face Penny's voice is so sweet, and she makes the
cutest faces when she cums hard.

An Ass To Die For I'm officially volunteering my face as Penny's chair.

A Mouth Built For Cock Don't expect a blowjob from Penny to
be entirely pleasant!

Her Deviant NatureDominant! I'm not even going to lie. I would totally
let Penny violate me with her big strap-on, if
it meant I got to do a shoot with her!

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