Friday, April 22, 2011

Sissy Captions 61-70

Happy Friday! Here are 10 brand new Sissy Captions! Keep those comments, requests, and suggestions cumming - and, most of all, enjoy!

Sissies have so many conflicting emotions!

She picked them out just for you.

Tag teamed!

Ball-licking is an underrated way for sissy to submit to real men.

Oh, yeah! Your tiny cock is getting her so wet!

Well, it's kind of a sexual role.

You're so hard right now.
It's hard to tell, because you're so small, but you are.

You know that your mouth is only good for one thing...

Get ready to get absolutely stuffed!

Have fun!


  1. First cap - fuck my face next!!

  2. Best ones yet - love the blue nails on the blonde girl, wish my cock was as small as that! Also really wanna drain the balls of that big throbbing black cock halfway down...