Sunday, January 15, 2012

Chastity Captions 91-100

I'm back from a little break, and I thought a great way to get back into the grove was to hit 100 captions for the first time!

Not surprisingly, the first fetish we got to 100 captions on was cuckolding. It seems like I get a lot of requests for these from all of you little cuckolded freaks. Plus, they're pretty easy to write - I just think about how quickly your wives and girlfriends start cheating on you after they find out how shitty you are in bed. And how often they do it, once they discover how much bigger most other guys' cocks are compared to yours.

And with that in mind...

You need to be helpful to her in the bedroom.

It's the same story, night after night.
You fall asleep, she stays unsatisfied.

Awww! She's so nice to you, pervert!

Be happy she still lets you play with yourself...

For informational purposes only.

An improvement on a catchy song lyric.

It used to just be on the weekends...

Eye contact is very important to a relationship.

Practice (and gagging) make perfect!

I bet you have a pretty good idea...

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