Sunday, March 11, 2012

Celebs 2: Olivia Munn

Remember my post about the leaked photos of Scarlett Johansson naked? Well, Olivia Munn and Christina Hendricks both had similar photos make it onto the net last week. You may remember Olivia from my "10 Hottest Women on NBC" post. I'm usually an "original content" blogger, but I thought I'd post Olivia's pictures for two reasons...

1) The pictures were leaked in waves, so people may not have seen them all.

2) It turns out that Olivia likes to add her own filthy, filthy caption her own dirty photos... so, yeah, they fit right in here!

First, we've got a suggestive one.

Then some that could easily have been outtakes from a photoshoot.

Then we've got the "self-shots". In order of increasing nakedness...

Ok, so here's when things got really interesting.
Apparently, Olivia used to date some guy named Chris.
And apparently, Olivia used to take pictures of herself,
caption them
, and then send them to her boyfriend.
And judging by the captions she added, Olivia is one dirty fucking girl!

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