Monday, September 14, 2015

Chastity Captions 141-150

I'm back with 10 more brand new Chastity captions! This set includes my 150th chastity caption. That's a milestone for me!

The resolve of a chastity slave melts faster on the beach than a snowball.

She means the end of the year, of course, not the end of this semester.
It's your mistake, really.

A financially-independent dominant is an especially dangerous creature.

Be grateful or die of blue balls.
It's all the same to her.

Careful. It's one month for every five seconds...

Just agree with her. It'll go easier on you.

 Anything you complain about can and will be used against you.

Also, she could use a good laugh.

Don't forget to thank her for being so generous.

Putting your key in her hand and  
creating 150 chastity captions is also acceptable.

1 comment:

  1. These wicked and demanding gals certainly know how to play with a guy's mind. And because they don't care about his wants or needs, they can do anything they please.