Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Chastity Captions 151-160

I'm back with 10 brand new Chastity captions! Enjoy, perverts!

It's just that they keep laughing about it... 

Why don't you try focusing on someone else for a change? 

 I mean, do you want to make her sad?

Her butthole will probably say no.
But you should ask anyway. 

That's what you get for bothering her.
It's your own fault, really. 

That's ok, you didn't want an orgasm for Christmas, did you? 

Sure, you didn't hear anything.
But that's probably because you were so focused on jerking off. 

Just nod and say thank you. 

That apology better be sincere.

You can spank her tight teen ass brutally...
It will only make your blueballs infinitely worse, but you can.

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