Saturday, January 14, 2017

Ass Worship Captions 141-150

Hello, perverts! Let's ring in the New Year with 10 brand new Ass Worship captions.

I was still trying to decide on a resolution, so my keyholder suggested a good one - "Eat your keyholder's ass more often". But, I mean, I'm sure it's only a suggestion.

Successful relationships are based on honesty.

Vicariously enjoy the vacations you pay for...

She figured you out quickly, huh?

Never say never.

Her bridesmaids are all girls who dumped you at some point.

There's only one place you're worthy of kissing Anneliese Snow.

Believer her, even if she laughs as she says it.

The life of an ass-obsessed cuckold.

One of those overly long NYE kisses with far too much tongue 
that make everyone else uncomfortable.

How dare you!

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