Monday, October 20, 2014

Videos 6: Halloween Edition - Catwoman & Harley Quinn

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Last year The Mad Eroticist (, turned me on to ASMR videos. Since then, I've been watching ASMR videos pretty regularly. The ones I like best are the roleplay ASMR videos, for obvious/perverted reasons. About a month ago I stumbled on a video that wasn't just a roleplay ASMR... it was a cosplay ASMR.

"Inky ASMR" did a video where she was Harley Quinn! Complete with pigtails, black lipstick, and adorable insanity. In the video you're Batman - captured and helpless. She threatens and humiliates you in a way that seems so natural to her. It's nothing too overt, just this gloriously subtle disregard for you. "I'm just a gymnast... with a tranquilizer gun. And a baseball bat."

If that wasn't enough, Inky followed that up with a video where she plays Catwoman. Black latex mask, shiny black catsuit, dark red lipstick, and a distinct indifference to your discomfort. And you're her prisoner. Oh, that cold smile. Yes. Please.

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