Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sissy Captions 36-40

Here are another 5 brand new Sissy Captions! And, yes, due to the number of requests I got these are all focused on shemales. Enjoy!

Whatsa matter, faggot?
Want to be in his place?

You'll be a swishy little cocksucker for life...

You love it!

Choke. Gag. Swallow!

And you're not real man!


  1. wow if i would have a chance

  2. Of course we're not real men or we wouldn't be here drooling in the first place. Oh how much easier it would have been to have looked up and saw such beautiful faces back when I accepted my role as a fag. Still even if I wanted there is no turning back.

  3. I love a chick with a nice big fat cock to suck on and 2 fuck like a little cocked slut that I am till my mouth and arse are dipping with hot spunk yum :)