Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ass Worship Captions 51-60

10 brand new Ass Worship captions! Pucker up, butt kissers!

Jenna Haze's asshole could really use a deep licking.
I would like to volunteer.

Crotchless panties - not just for fucking.

Sweaty ass is tasty ass...

She was supposed to be the maid, but you're the one cleaning...
her asshole with your tongue!

That's a good present, right?

Early morning butt kisses are the best!

You want to get really deep in there.

Her ass is the only place you deserve to kiss her.

Her panties aren't the only thing that only thing
that will be jammed up into her ass crack...

Maybe if she ever let you out of chastity, it wouldn't be so bad...

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