Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cuckold Captions 61-70

Here are 10 brand new Cuckold Captions! Enjoy!

It's good she's being honest.
It's just tough to hear it while you're trying to fuck her.

In all fairness, it did feel SO GOOD!

Mardi Gras, just another opportunity to cuckold you.

She cuckolds you with women for special occasions.

Just like that, except with more cum exploding everywhere.

Yeah, he totally made her.

Haha, what a funny joke, right?

Slowly? Quickly? As long as she bends over for him...

What could be sweeter than a goodnight kiss?

That's saying a mouthful!


  1. We can all dream. If only my wife would do those things. I desperately need to be cucked.

  2. Love the cuckold captions, esp the last 2, would love to get cummy kisses from my wife.