Friday, May 20, 2011

CBT Captions 31-40

Continuing the celebration, here's something we haven't had in awhile... CBT Captions! Enjoy!

I don't think you should believe her...

A woman's mouth can be a dangerous place to be!

Cold, hard, unforgiving concrete.

Either way, your balls are getting it.

I don't know what it is about braces on hot chicks...

What are you focused on?

This is going to sting a little...

It's worth it. Right?

She's not going to do it for you. Offer your balls up.

Sexy, cruel nails...


  1. I love that girl in the leather dress in number 32 - I'd let her crush me and then beg to be put back into chastity without release for another month...

  2. In the last picture i have begged my mistress wife to lock my cock up ,so she wouldn't tease me like that. I couldn't stand the constant teasing.

  3. The last picture gave me chills. My wife threatened me not to cum, so i agreed to 4 more months of my cock locked away.