Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cuckold Captions 71-80

Let's kick off our little celebration with 10 brand new Cuckold Captions! Keep those requests and suggestions coming!

Ouch. At least the girl she's cuckolding you with is hot...

She's going to love her new job.

Your girlfriend is so considerate.

Can you guess what he's going to replace it with?

She just can't wait...

The gift that keeps on giving.
Load, after load, after load.

A girl's gotta have some standards after all!

The truth hurts, even when it's on a t-shirt.

You need to learn to pick your battles, cuckold.

Whatever you have to do to make sure that
she has the best night possible.


  1. These Captions are fantastic

  2. I love your blog, and I love your captions. They have a really great tone to them...that said, Allison Brie is WAY more attractive than Gillian Jacobs :P

  3. @Sissy Couture - I thought about that after I started putting numbers by the actresses in the "Best of NBC" post... I was doing it just to help keep track of the videos and pictures - I *definitely* didn't mean to imply that Alison Brie was less attractive than anyone on the list.

    I need to go back and add Elizabeth Banks from 30 Rock anyway (an unforgivable exclusion), so maybe I'll revamp the post and re-up it.

    Did you hear that, Alison? I think you're pretty, and we can totally still hook up! Please?

  4. I love the photos and captions showing a wife cuckolding herhusband with a lesbian