Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Chastity Captions 121-130

I'm back with another set of brand new captions! I went with Chastity captions this time. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Face planted firmly in her covered pussy.

This won't end well.

You find yourself watching a lot more than
 you find yourself participating these days...

Things never seem to work out for you. Do they?

Better send a bunch more dirty photos to your chastity toy just to make sure.
 Try to send them at an inconvenient time for him too. Like during an office meeting.

 Strippers can be a cruel bunch...

Hot. Wet. Soapy.

Your sadness and frustration makes her giggle.

My money's on "regret".

The letter of the law. Her law.


  1. love all your postings. Thanks for these hot new ones. I especially like the last one. "The letter of the law. Her law." Perfect!

  2. Love the stripper pic as that actually happened to me , my former mistress has friends at a hot club in WDC / Balt area and made me go 2 x per week but only after her friend who works there told every single dancer in the place I was locked up

    1. The idea of being cocklocked, then sent to a strip club is a favorite of mine. Especially if the keyholder tells the strippers about the cage. I can't imagine actually going through that!!!

  3. love all your hard work. please never stop! have you considered making a series?

    1. I've done a few 2 and 3 caption series, but nothing longer than that. I'll give it a shot the next time I get a handful of shots from the same shoot. :)