Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ass Worship Captions 111-120

What better way to show that special woman in your life how much she means to you, than to kiss her in the most disgusting place possible? A place so demeaning that no real man would ever dream of kissing her there. A place so degrading that afterwards she'll never be able to think of you as an actual person again. Pucker up, and show her how much she means to you - and how little you should mean to her!

Here's another set of 10 brand new Ass Worship captions! Enjoy!

And she is constantly going out to swim, then going inside to change into a new bikini, 
then lounging by the pool before going back inside for another bikini...
Your tongue's going to be exhausted!

Soft, fuzzy butts deserve long, gentle face-first snuggles.

When she says "endless", she means it.
She has a closet full of the stuff.

The manager will get back to you on your request to work additional hours.

It was pretty obvious, really.
And now she's going to take advantage of the situation you.

It's $70 to spend 3 songs in the "fantasy lounge" with the stripper of your choice.
That's about 12 minutes of nearly-anything-goes playtime.
Plenty of time to convince her that you're the most pathetic ass addict she's ever met.

Some people would call that "kinky".
You call it "dessert on a Thursday".

It takes longer when you're only allowed to use your face.
And it's a lot harder on your locked up cock and balls.
But she says she thinks it feels a little bit nicer that way.

If her tight asshole didn't already taste as sweet as sugar to you, 
it will after her 3-month conditioning program!

Don't be gross, pervert.
She's a lady.

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