Monday, November 18, 2013

Halloween Captions 51-60

Halloween may have been a few weeks ago, but it's never too late for Halloween-themed captions! Enjoy!

Nightmare, daydream. It's all the same thing, really.

The big, muscly dudes from the gym have been
making a lot of helpful suggestions to her lately.

Just wait until she decides to hire a night nurse and 
amends your treatment to "once every 3 hours"...

It was almost as popular as her tight little asshole.

She's just getting into character for the party in two weeks.
You can last until after that, right?

Of course you do. Now help her get cleaned up.
She needs her sleep so they can play 
"Double-Team The Wife" tomorrow night.

Too bad you have such a thing for Bad Girls...

It's strictly for medicinal purposes, of course.

If only you had taken her out shopping when she asked.
This is all your fault, really.
You should volunteer to be punished when she gets back.

Bitchy Cheerleader has always been your favorite.
Her's too.
She loves anything that gives her an excuse to abuse you.

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