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His Balls Belong To Her - Chapter 4: More Than It Hurts Me

Chapter 1: The Treatment
Chapter 2: Testing The Treatment
Chapter 3: Flashback
Chapter 4: More Than It Hurts Me

Kaden - a young man who is in over his head, and his ball are going to pay the price
Nurse Brenda - an adorable redheaded nurse who's very helpful, but not very bright
Dr. Samantha - a tall, brunette doctor who's researching cruel new forms of ball torture
Melissa - Kaden's bitchy blonde girlfriend. She does not have his best interests in mind!

Chapter 4: More Than It Hurts Me
"Do you know why I keep hurting you? Because the purpose of all of this," Michelle gestured at the informational pamphlets Nurse Brenda had left on proper and thorough teasing and punishment of Kaden's cock and ball, "was to teach you to focus on me. Specifically, to focus on pleasing me."

With that, Michelle swung her foot back and then slammed it forward into Kaden's already swollen ballsack. She had told him to kneel, so that his black and blue nuts were at just the right level for her to kick them repeatedly. And having him kneel had the added advantage of keeping him from falling over as easily when her shiny black stilettos flattened his mushy orbs into his body. She had been kicking him like this for the better part of an hour. Kaden's cock, red with it's complete inability to spill his increasingly massive load, was completely hard. It leaned slightly to Kaden's left, and single drop of precum oozed out with each of Michelle's vicious kicks.

With a look of disgust, Michelle went back to driving the toes of her stilettos into his giant balls. With each kick, she tried to aim the shiny black toe for a spot on one of Kaden's balls that wasn't bruised yet. Those spots were becoming fewer and fewer.

"Have." SQUISH! Michelle's stiletto caught Kaden's left ball about a third of the way down.

"You." SQUISH! Her toe nailed an unbruised spot on his right ball, near the base of his desperate cock.

"Focused." SQUISH! The shoe found a home in a spot that was already very bruised. Michelle shrugged to herself. She'd just have to keep kicking if she wanted bruises everywhere. Oh well.

"On." SQUISH! Kaden's eyes were clenched shut as Michelle's toes dug deep into his left ball again.

"ME?" SQUISH!!! Michelle had leaned back and put all of her weight into swinging her stiletto forward. Except this time, she turned her foot at the last second, driving the thin, sexy heel an inch deep into Kaden's right ball.

Kaden's balls, having been fully-dosed by Dr. Samantha and her ditzy accomplice, Nurse Brenda, were virtually invulnerable. So although Michelle's heel dug incredibly deep into his testicle, it wasn't punctured. However, the same drugs that were currently saving Kaden's balls also had the "unfortunate" side-effect of making his aching balls significantly more sensitive to pain. Something that Michelle seemed increasingly excited about.

"I just LOVE how I can't break your balls, no matter what I put them through!" Michelle exclaimed, her glossy black heel still stuck into Kaden's hideously black and blue ball. "It just makes me want to do more and more perverted things to them - anything to hurt them more!" she laughed in his face.

Kaden wasn't able to form words to respond. In fact, he wasn't even looking at Michelle, despite the tight black dress she wore that exposed her amble cleavage. Instead, Kaden was transfixed by the image of her heel spike sticking into his tremendously oversized and incredibly sensitive nut. He could hardly breath, but his long fat cock still dripped in pent-up frustration.

"Let me answer that for you." Michelle said with a snarl. "No, you haven't been paying more attention to me. Actually, I think you've been more focused on your stupid cock and balls." With gritted teeth, Michelle ground her heel further into Kaden's trapped ball. "But don't worry. We're going to work on that a little. And then your friends Dr. Samantha and Nurse Brenda are going to pick you up to take you to physical therapy."

Before Kaden had a chance to think about what "physical therapy" might mean, Melissa had pulled her long heel out of his ball, jammed it right back in (just for a laugh), and then pulled it back out before storming off across the room. a A moment later, she was back in front of Kaden holding something in each hand.

"You know, here I am, doing my best to help you learn an important lesson in focusing on my pleasure, not yours. And all you do is whine and cry about how much your balls hurt. When obviously you can't be in that much pain - just look at your filthy cock!" Melissa admonished him with a sneer. "It's as hard as ever and dripping precum everywhere. Gross. Some almost got on the new heels I had you buy me! You're so inconsiderate."

Kaden mumbled an apology. He was so horny it would've been impossible for him not to jack himself off, had it not been for the restraints Melissa had all-too-happily locked on him. His balls throbbed with every breathe, aching to blow a giant backed-up load. A steady stream of sticky, clear precum oozed out of the swollen mouth of Kaden's cockhead. He couldn't help but stare at Melissa's incredible body and make his desire even worse. His cockhead dripped while he oogled Melissa in her sky-high black heels.

"Honestly, it's like talking to a brick wall," Melissa interrupted Kaden's perverse thoughts. "I was saying... I'm going to do even more to help you focus on me. Isn't that nice of me?"

Kaden nodded, hoping that whatever she had planned might afford him a quick glimpse of her delicious cleavage.

"That's what I thought," Melissa said haughtily. "Clearly, you need me to help you focus, so I'm going to try a little positive reinforcement mixed with a little negative reinforcement. Sound good?" Melissa didn't even pause long enough for Kaden to respond. "Great. What I'm going to do is give you a healthy mix of pleasure and pain, all at once. I'm hoping that will scramble what's left of your cum-addled mind, leaving you a drooling mess for me to play with... a mindless cum-machine that equates pain to pleasure and back again. And speaking of drooling, your disgusting cock just doesn't know when to stop, does it?"

Kaden's cock, now substantially longer and thicker than it had ever been before his "treatment" was an angry reddish color with veins that throbbed in time with his balls. His entire length and his enormous balls glistened with a coat of the slick precum that had been oozing out of his cock since Melissa had started spearing his testicles with her new heels.

"Don't worry, I've got just the thing to fix the problem!" Melissa assured him with a smile. She opened her left hand, revealing a box of extra-large condoms. "See? I can just put one of these on you, and the over-sized reservoir tip will catch all of the dick snot you keep drooling everywhere. And that's important, because if you can't help but drip pre-cum with almost no stimulation, I think you're going to be a serious mess while I fuck you. And I don't want your pre-jizz all over me."

Kaden's eyes opened wide. Was Melissa really going to fuck him??? Would she let him cum? Maybe? Maybe!?!

"Here," Melissa said, as she slid a wooden chair behind him. "Let me help you up... there we go. Now you can sit and... oh, look. Your balls are at the same height as this end table I just happen to have here. What a coincidence." Melissa deadpanned. "Let's just move things around... so that... there, that's great!"

Melissa had worked the corner of the table in between Kaden's legs, so that his balls sat perched on top of the wooden table. His horny cock swayed in the air, searching for even a light touch.

"Almost done. Let me just pop this condom on you..." Melissa made sure to bend over at the waist so that Kaden could see down her top as she slid the latex sheath down his cock. There was a very large bulge at the top, big enough to hold a giant amount of cum. "There. Perfect." Melissa said as she stood back up. "Now, remember, I said there'd be some pain too. Just to equal things out. It's not too big a deal. Plus, it's something I've been wanting to do ever since I watched Dr. Samantha and Nurse Brenda drive those giant needles into your swollen balls."

Melissa opened her right hand to reveal a box of 100 shiny metal tacks.

"Can you guess what these are for?" Melissa asked in a playful voice, as she shook the box of tacks in front of Kaden's face.

Overwhelmed by the pain of his recent ball-kicking and the frustration of not being able to cum, and now faced with the terrifying prospect of Melissa torturing him with thumbtacks, Kaden burst into tears.

"Puh-puh-please, no, Muh-muh-Melissa," Kaden begged between sobs. "I pra-pra-promise to be good. I'll focus on you, I promise!"

"Oh, it's a little too late for that, I'm afraid. I need to follow through on your punishment, or you won't ever learn anything. So stop your balling, and let me get to work shoving these metal tacks into your nuts. You know," said Melissa as she stepped across Kaden to straddled him while facing his balls, "it was awfully thoughtful of them to make these tacks in boxes of 100. That's 50 per ball - such a nice, round number. Don't you think?"

As Melissa sat down on Kaden's lower abdomen, his fiercely hard cock nearly reached the delicate bellybutton ring Melissa was wearing. Kaden quickly realized Melissa wasn't wearing any panties underneath her tiny skirt. He could feel her hot, wet pussy just a few inches above his straining cock. There was no ignoring the heat that was pouring from between her legs as she fiddled with the box of tacks. Although Melissa was now between him and his cock, he knew he had to be leaking precum like a faucet. "If Melissa hadn't put the condom on me," Kaden thought, "I would've made a terrible mess already, which would've upset her. She really is so thoughtful..." Kaden's thoughts were clearly being influenced by the gallons of backed-up cum in his balls, as well as the drug Dr. Samantha had used on him.

Melissa began pushing the sharp metal tacks into Kaden's balls one at a time. Each tack bit into his tender, swollen ball-flesh, adding a series of sharp pains to balance the unending ache caused by her earlier kicks. It didn't take Melissa long to notice that Kaden's cock wasn't getting soft, despite the pain. In fact, his reddened cockhead seemed to ooze a large teardrop of precum every time she drove another tack into one of his nuts. One after another, she pushed the incredibly sharp tacks into Kaden's balls. Melissa was diligent in trying to get the tacks as close together as possible. She wanted the shiny round heads of the tacks to form a metal layer encompassing each testicle.

"You know," said Melissa over her shoulder,"when I'm done, the tops of your balls will look like they're armored. But the funny thing is, that 'armor' will be doing the exact opposite of protecting you! Isn't that funny?"

Melissa put her hands palms-down on Kaden's balls and shifted her weight forward so she could look over her shoulder at him better. Kaden wasn't laughing at her 'funny' joke though, he was sobbing miserably at the pain of having the tacks ground even further into his balls.

"Well, it's funny to me, anyway," Melissa said, a bit miffed that Kaden wasn't finding the humor in the situation.

She went back to diligently shoving metal tacks into his preposterously swollen balls, one after another. Soon, just as Melissa had predicted, Kaden's balls looked like they were coated in metal. The heads of the tacks gave off a happy shine. Melissa smiled to herself, quite proud of her work.

"See? Now we don't have to look at your disgusting balls with all of their ugly welts and bruises!" Melissa exclaimed. Kaden could barely breath from the pain, so he wasn't able to point out that Melissa was the one who had given his long-suffering balls those bruises and welts.

"Here, let's get that condom off of you and get you a fresh one. This one's almost full!" Melissa said with a chuckle.

Her delicate fingers worked the rubber off his fully-erect cock, careful not to spill the pre-cum load that had accumulated in the tip. The load was massive enough the reservoir at the end wasn't nearly enough to hold it. The pre-cum had made the whole head of the condom sag off to the side. Making the process even more difficult, Kaden's dick seemed to have gotten longer, thicker and harder with every tack Melissa had driven into his balls. The latex was stretched obscenely tight, barely able to contain the throbbing mass. Once Melissa had worked to rubber off, she carefully knotted the end, trapping the pre-cum in the bulging tip.

"I'm going to fuck you now. And I'm going to cum multiple times. But don't worry, I'll stop briefly each time to rest and get you a fresh condom. Don't want to make a mess with your pre-spermies, now do we?" Melissa said matter-of-factly.

Melissa set the bloated condom aside and then quickly stripped off her flimsy halter top and white denim shorts. She left her shiny black stilettos on, a fact that did not go unnoticed by Kaden. However, Melissa didn't take off her bra and panties. They were a matching shade of lavender, made out of a sheer material that looked extremely soft. The bra cupped Merlissa's lightly-tanned breasts, holding them up as if presenting them to Kaden to better tease him. Her g-string panties barely covered anything at all, which made Kaden's heart race even faster.

Noting the desperate look on his face, Melissa straddled Kaden and pulled her panties to the side in one smooth motion. Then she slowly eased herself down onto his enraged cock as she stared into his eyes. She made sure to move very slowly. The whole experience was absolutely agonizing for Kaden. He started to pull against his restraints and sob madly.

"Awww, poor baby," Melissa said in a completely insincere tone of voice. "Here, let your bitchy girlfriend make it better."

With that, Melissa sat all the way down on Kaden's straining cock. The sudden intense heat and wetness that engulfed Kaden's abused prick was too much for him to stand. He started thrashing against his restraints and crying uncontrollably.

"Don't you like the way my tight little pussy feels on your swollen cock? Is it because you can't cum and your frustration just gets worse and worse?" Melissa put a fingernail to her glossy pink lips and pretended to think. "I know! I'll comfort you while enjoying your cock. Then you won't feel so bad that you don't get to cum!"

Melissa wrapped her arms around Kaden's neck and pulled his head into between her gorgeous breasts. It was an awkward position for Kaden, with his arms and legs restrained and his balls still resting on the adjacent table, but any complaints were muffled by Melissa's glorious tits. She smiled evilly to herself, knowing that Kaden's symptoms would be made infinitely worse by having his face shoved into her cleavage - let alone having sex with her. So with every bad intention in mind, she started to work her hips up and down.

After Melissa had worked up a good medium-pace rhythm, leaned her mouth down by Kaden's left ear. "Are you ready for me to cum on your chaste cock? I'm going to use you to have a massive orgasm. How does it feel to know that? Does that make your frustration worse? I hope so. I hope it makes your balls ache and your cock throb to know that I'm using them to get off - after I purposefully made sure they wouldn't be able to get you off." Melissa's hips had picked up the pace. She would left almost completely off of his engorged cockhead before pistoning all the way down to the root of his dick. "I want you to know that I am dedicated to making this worse for you. Because your suffering makes me so horny."

With those final words, Melissa shoved Kaden's head away from her and began climbing toward her orgasm. She dug her fingernails into his chest as she rode his cock. But now she was doing something different. Each time took Kaden's cock all the way in, she would sit on it for a second or two and wiggle her hips. Unfortunately for Kaden, each cute wiggle also served Melissa's evil purpose of using her adorable ass to grind the tacks even further into Kaden's balls. It was clear from Melissa's expression that this was completely intentional and that she was enjoying it so much, there was no way she would stop any time soon. So for the next fifteen minutes, at the bottom of every thrust, the tacks got ground into Kaden's balls by Melissa's ass.

Finally, Melissa reached a giant climax - leaning backwards so that she was fully-impaled on Kaden's cock while also sitting full-weight on his repeatedly punctured balls. Every shiver that ran through her orgasmic body caused the tacks to prick and jab Kaden's unimaginably tender ball flesh. After Melissa had recovered, she slowly eased herself up off his engorged cock and carefully removed his condom. It was at least twice as full of pre-cum as the first. With a smile, she put a fresh condom on him.

Kaden was shaking his head 'no' silently as Melissa climbed onto him for round two. This time, she faced away from him as she straddled his body. Kaden thought for a minute that maybe in this position he would be spared more ball pain. As pathetic as it was to be excited by the thought of suffering only blue balls, even that wasn't to be the case. Instead, after Melissa had sat all the way down on his furious erection, she leaned backwards into Kaden's chest. He was confused by what was happening, but intoxicated by the lovely smell of her hair. But his daydream was quickly interrupted by sharp, crippling pain in both of his balls.

When Melissa had leaned back with Kaden's cock still inside of her, she had raised her knees up to her chest... and put her black stiletto heels right on his balls! To work herself up to another orgasm, she was pushing herself up his body by bracing her shiny black heels against his tack-covered balls and pushing them down into the table they were sitting on. The table's unforgiving hardwood forced each ball to flatten as the sharp heels were driven into the spongy ball-flesh. Every few pushes, Melissa would shift her weight a little, causing her heels to move to slightly different spots on his rapidly swelling balls. Sometimes her heels would find exposed flesh, ripe for fresh punishment, and other times her heels would mercilessly grind the metal tacks even further into his overwhelmed ballsack.

After what seemed like an eternity, Melissa came in this position as well. Her shuddering climax caused Kaden even more pain as her legs spasmed and kicked his nuts repeatedly. Once she had calmed down, Melissa arched her back, giving Kaden an excruciating view of her breasts. They had bounced so sexily as she had enjoyed herself, and now they were covered with a glossy sheen of sweat. Melissa craned her neck backwards and to the side so that she could see Kaden. He looked miserable. His cheeks were flushed with pain and his eyes were red from crying. A single tear had run down his cheek and was hanging off of his jaw. Melissa reached out with her hot pink tongue and licked along Kaden's jawline from neck to chin. A frustrated sob escaped his lips.

"Awww, it's not so bad, baby. Only one more orgasm to go! Then you're off to physical therapy!"
With a giggle, Melissa climbed off of Kaden's tortured body. He was covered in a light coating of sweat as well, although Melissa suspected it was the result of the constant, unending pain in his testicles, not sexual bliss. She was quite amazed at the amount of precum he was continuing to produce. Dr. Samantha's drug had turned what would be drops of liquid for most men into condom-loads of the clear fluid. Even now, he had filled his third rubber well beyond capacity. If his chemically-enhanced cock hadn't stretched the condom so far, there was no way it could've held a payload of that size. The whole top third of the condom hung off the side of Kaden's trembling dick. The tip looked like a semi-transparent water balloon, a mental image that made Melissa giggle even more. She removed the over-filled condom and replaced it with a new one - Kaden's fourth of the day.

"Ok, I only want one more orgasm, alright? That's not too much for you, is it, baby?" Melissa asked with mocking concern. "I wouldn't want your poor swollen balls to get overloaded from all of the cum they can't spurt! Let's see if a little pervert-eye candy is enough to make it up to you."

This time, Melissa took his whole length in a single swift motion. Just like last time, she was straddling Kaden while facing away from him. But this time she leaned forward resting her hands on his legs and arched her back so that her hips and ass stuck out obscenely. Kaden tried not to look, but his crippling ass-addiction forced him to take in the sight. Melissa's soft, round ass cheeks looked so tight. All he wanted in the world was to squeeze her plump little cheeks and give them a few playful swats. He could see her muscles flexing under her lightly-tanned skin as she clenched and unclenched in preparation for her ride.

"Ready?" Melissa asked rhetorically. Kaden silently shook his head 'no'. "Great! Let's get me off!" she laughed.

Kaden's girlfriend started grinding her hips in a circular motion. Despite the unending onslaught of suffering his balls had endured, the sight of Melissa's tight, bouncing cheeks took his mind off the pain. At least for a minute. Then all of a sudden, Melissa moved her hands from his knees to his balls. Kaden's eyes bulged as her body weight crushed his swollen organs. Keeping her arms straight at the elbow, she had one palm on each tack-covered testicle. With each thrust of her hips, she ground her hands - and the tacks - into his nutsack. The pain was overwhelming for Kaden, who struggled desperately against his restraints to no avail. He gritted his teeth and squeezed his eyes shut, hoping to shut out the pain of a hundred metal spikes being driven repeatedly into his backed-up balls. Any hope he had at ignoring the pain evaporated when Melissa's long manicured nails found a few gaps between the tacks. As she neared an enormous orgasm, this new discovery brought a smile to her dark red lips.

Melissa tossed her hair and looked over her shoulder as she worked her tight pussy on Kaden's frustrated shaft. She wanted to see what effect her nails were having on her poor boyfriend. With a low moan, Melissa slammed her hips down, taking Kaden's cock to the base, while simultaneously digging her nails into his trapped balls as hard as she could. The effect was dramatic. Kaden's eyes shot open and he snapped upright in his restraints. Silent tears poured from his eyes and his lips trembled. His mouth moved slightly, but no sound came out. It was clear he was trying to say something, but wasn't able to find his voice at all. The whole image of her paintoy-boyfriend suffering through her complete unjust punishment sent her right over the edge into orgasmic oblivion.

Once Melissa had recovered, she got up off of Kaden gingerly. She was certainly going to be sore tomorrow! Kaden would be too, of course, but for completely different reasons. Melissa got a pleasant surprise when she had dismounted - Kaden had leaked an extraordinary amount of precum. Although it was hard to believe, this condom was slightly more full than the last one! Melissa took this as a sign that her punishment was - at some deep, subconscious level - appreciated. She removed the condom and put it with the other three.

While she was cleaning up, there was a knock on the door. Melissa opened it to find Dr. Samantha and Nurse Brenda ready to take Kaden to his physical therapy.

Glancing over Melissa's shoulder and seeing Kaden tied to a chair with tacks driven into his balls, Dr. Samantha remarked, "Nurse, will you please go prep the patient for his therapy? He needs to be presentable when he meets his physical therapist."

"Of course, doctor!" Brenda said enthusiastically. "Hmmm. First, we need to remove these little nail thingies... Gosh, there are a lot of them, and they're really stuck in there..." she said as she examined Kaden's damaged nutsack. "Do you have a hammer I could borrow?"

"Sure, there's one hanging on the wall in the garage - just through there," Melissa pointed with a mischievous smile on her lips.

She turned to Dr. Samantha as Nurse Brenda went to retrieve the hammer.

"Thank you so much for recommending a physical therapist for Kaden," she said. "I know it will be a very demanding training regime, but I'm sure he's really going to be grateful in the end."

"Oh, believe me, it will be an excruciatingly painful process. But it's absolutely necessary for Kaden - especially with his new... disability. And you can trust the therapist I recommended. "I've worked with her on several cases similar to Kaden's, and she always gets results. Has anything new developed in Kaden's condition that I could mention to her? Dr. Samantha asked.

"Actually, yes. I noticed today that - for no reason at all - Kaden's disrespectful little weenis leaked a disgustingly large amount of precum. It got so bad, I had to put a condom on him to keep him from making a mess. Four of them actually," Melissa gestured toward the tied off condoms on the countertop.

"Hmmm. We have seen a marked increase in the production of male medical waste in some patients like Kaden. But only in those who are given excessive, continuous sexual stimulation. When that happens, their frustration levels increase rapidly, as does their waste production. Continued stimulation causes even more production and frustration. We were planning on providing a stimulation regime at the hospital... you haven't been doing anything to accelerate his sexual frustration, have you?"

"Oh, no. Nope. Nothing like that," Melissa assured her with a cruel grin. "Please go ahead with the stimulation plan you outlined."

"Good, that's excellent. We'll do exactly that. In fact, I have some new techniques I want to try out," Dr. Samantha mused. "Speaking of, would you mind if we took those condoms with us? I've been meaning to try some aversion therapy strategies out on a patient like Kaden." Then she turned toward Kaden and Nurse Brenda and asked, "Nurse? Is the patient about ready to go?"

Melissa and  Samantha walked around the corner to find Nurse Brenda 'helping' Kaden. She was on her knees next to his chair, her nurse's uniform inching up her shapely thighs. Her lips, covered in frosted pink lipgloss, were just a hair's breadth from Kaden's still-throbbing erection. She was using the hammer to remove the tacks from his balls. Unfortunately for Kaden, Brenda had decided to do this by bracing the hammer on one testicle to pull a tack out of the opposite testicle. So every time she pulled a tack out of one ball, she was driving the head of the hammer into the other - sometimes directly into a tack that hadn't been removed yet. Each tack required her to jerk on the hammer several times before she could work it loose. And each pull on the hammer caused Kaden to lurch from the pain.

"A couple of these are really stuck in there! It's like someone pounded them in with a hammer. Don't worry - we'll be ready in just a few minutes!" Nurse Brenda said smiling up at Melissa and Dr. Samantha as Kaden moaned.

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