Saturday, December 12, 2009

10 Favorite Blonde Pornstars (#10-6)

I haven't done one of these in awhile, so I thought it was time to figure out who my ten favorite blonde pornstars are! I don't really have a preference for one particular hair color, but I know a lot of guys (and girls!) out there are big fans of the blondes! And, let me tell you, there are A LOT of blonde pornstars to choose from. It was really difficult, but eventually I think I got my ten favorites together. Just like with the list of my 10 Favorite Redheaded Pornstars, I looked at:
1) Are they beautiful dressed up (dressed to get fucked or in everyday clothes, either way)?
2) Does the girl make a face when she orgasms that makes you want to fuck her even harder?
3) Do you look at her mouth and just want to stuff her throat with your cock? Coat her lips and cheeks with giant loads of cum?
4) This is a new one - Does she have an ass that makes you want to kiss it and fuck it over and over and over? Everybody loves a little bubble butt bouncing on a stiff cock!
5) How kinky is she? Not really a requirement, but I definitely prefer when they're at least a little bit deviant!

Ok, here we go!

10) Spring Thomas
All Dressed Up
Ok. Let me get this out of the way. Spring... says some
mean things in her videos. Do I believe she means them? Not really.
I mean, they introduced Page Turner on her site as her "sister",
"Kate Thomas". That being said, keep it in mind. In any case,
when she's all dressed up, she looks cute as can be!

That Sexy O-Face
Doesn't that face make you want to blow your load deep inside her?

An Ass To Die For
Have to admit... if she ordered me to, I would totally
eat her asshole out while she bounced on that BBC!

A Mouth Built For Cock
Honestly, who couldn't watch Spring lick and suck all day long?

Her Deviant NatureDomme! Spring dances that fine line. She's about as submissive
as a cocksucker can be when she's presented with a fat cock. But she
will cuck a poor sap boyfriend in the blink of an eye.

9) Nicki Hunter (Nicky Hunter, Nicki Hunter)
All Dressed Up
Damn! Nicki makes for one hot naughty nurse!
Can't get over how she looks in tight pink.

That Sexy O-Face
That's the spot!

An Ass To Die ForAlthough she's not known for it, Nicki's ass is killer. See above.

A Mouth Built For Cock
Nicki's really aggressive, so she's a lot more likely to
devour a cock and splatter the cum everywhere than
spend lots of time licking the cock.

Her Deviant NatureDominant! Nicki's got an entire movie about her domming hot girls,
and she's also done a number of T&D clips. Yummy!

8) Bree Olson
All Dressed Up
Bree looks exactly like that one really hot girl you know.
Only hotter.

That Sexy O-Face
Hot o-face made even hotter by her cute pigtails...

An Ass To Die For
Yes, I will have some of that, please.

A Mouth Built For Cock
Isn't this just the sweetest thing you've ever seen?
Her mouth filled completely, her jaw stretched out...

Her Deviant NatureNeither? :( Bree's not big into really kinky scenes, but we can always hope...

7) Aubrey Adams
All Dressed Up
Aubrey is quite a looker, no doubt about it.

That Sexy O-Face
I think she needs it harder.

An Ass To Die For
Spank it. Lick it. Fuck it.
In that order. Or not. Whatever she wants.

A Mouth Built For Cock
Aubrey seems like the kind of girl who would
try really, really hard to take your cock in
her throat all the way to the balls.

Her Deviant NatureDominant! She's done a number of movies where she
abuses some poor guy. This shot is from a clip she did where
she blindfolded a guy and made him fuck a pocket pussy
after she promised to fuck him. She's one mean lady!

6) Haley Scott
All Dressed Up
Haley has a thing for dressing up.
Thank you, Haley. Thank you.

That Sexy O-Face
Just look at that face! It looks like it hurts a bit...
and Haley likes it that way!

An Ass To Die For
Look at how stretched out her little asshole gets!
I... would like to do that for her. Please, Haley?

A Mouth Built For Cock
She has the softest looking tongue.
I want to make her lick me for hours!

Her Deviant Nature

Submissive! Haley likes to be tied up and abused.
And she looks fabulous when she is!

#5-1 will be up shortly!

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