Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Electronic Relaxation Assistant - Ch. 2: Serious Business

Here is my second chapter from the "Electronic Relaxation Assistant" story. Enjoy!

Chapter 2: Serious Business

The next morning, Jill was ready for her second day at her new job. Yesterday, it had been difficult. She serviced a young black man (and his friends), but they did pay (a very small amount, it seemed to Jill), and she supposed that's all that really mattered. At work she was mounted in the chair. While she waited for a customer as she thought about sucking fat cock, dreamed about gagging on hard dick after hard dick. Whose cock would she suck? How many? For how long? She asked herself a ton of questions, and day-dreamed about the thickness and lengths of them. Jill felt really whorish for dick, but it felt great knowing she was tagged as a higher-quality prostitute, that deserved to be in one of these fancy chairs.

She squirmed a bit, getting wet. She was thinking about this too hard, but she couldn't help it. The EVA had not been deployed by the mean nurse. And the EBA sat silent, waiting nearby to stimulate her nipples. She let out a grunt as she heard the doors open.

In walked a beautiful businesswoman. She wore an office jacket, long-sleeved and black, with a white, buttoned up shirt underneath. Her breasts were enormous! They bounced slightly with each step, begging to be released from the tight shirt. Her matching skirt was short, reaching just above her knees. It hugged her thighs and rear relentlessly, black mesh stockings rising from her feet, and disappearing under that skirt. Black high-heels click-clacked against the tiles of the floor, as she eyed the two boxes- the other one was already occupied.

She said to Jill, "You poor thing! You must be neglected of cock! The man next to you forcing you to starve as he pounds that girl's little throat. I suppose you'd like some?"

The businesswoman chuckled, grinning that creepy business-friendly grin, as she paid the $5 fee. Once the glass door slid open, she immediately began to undress. She slid off her skirt then smiled at Jill. There was a massive bulge at the front of the lady's panties! Her giant cock and balls were already hanging out of it, hardening at a slow rate as she pulled the silky cloth aside.

"Wanna suck my fat friend here, lovely?" she teased, grabbing the thick girth and slowly beginning to stroke it. Jill's eyes were wide, and she began to beg for that delicious treat.

"Oh, please - oh, please, let me suck your huge cock! Just gag me with it a little - just a little! Stretch my cheeks out and slap me with it! Please? Please!" Jill pleaded.

The woman straddled the ERA seat. She plopped her balls in Jill's face.

"Start by sucking them, while I prepare the machine for you."

She slurped those sweaty orbs like she hadn't been fed in weeks, as the EVA and EBA were deployed by the customer. They caused a moan or a few to come out of Jill's stuffed mouth. The businesswoman closed her eyes as she began to grind her crotch into Jill's face.

It was only a matter of time, however, before she sat up and pointed her thick cockhead straight toward Jill's wide open mouth. She swallowed the giant thing as it snaked down her throat. Her natural reaction was to gag and force the cockmeat back out - an action the ERA chair would not allow. This all increased the pleasure the businesswoman received, causing her to thrust until she hilted balls-deep in Jill's mouth. Her throat bulged unnaturally, her eyes wide as tears rolled down her puffed out cheeks. She wanted to flail, but her limbs were restrained. The woman laughed at her pain, refusing to dislodge her cock. Instead, she sat her full weight behind her woman-cock and did her best to grind it as painfully as possible into Jill's face. The sadistic customer knew that every additional centimeter of cock she could shove into Jill's mouthpussy would exponentially increase Jill's suffering.

Secretly, Jill was enjoying the intentional abuse of her throat. Feeling that thickness force her throat open and allow that cock to barrel its way down toward her stomach made her so wet! She felt so full, she felt like she wanted to throw up, but was unable to, as the woman's dick slid effortlessly up and down. It felt like a day passed before the businesswoman threw her head back, let out a lewd and guttural moan and splashed her seed. Jill's mouth rapidly filled up, and the sticky white goo started oozing out of her nose and around the girlcock still lodged in her lips. It was a hard orgasm - she could feel those womanly balls literally shrinking as the unloaded torrents of molten seed.

Jill gobbled mouthful after mouthful of the woman's semen, coughing it out as she tried to breathe. The businesswoman attempted to stuff the remains of her raging boner under her skirt perfectly so it wouldn't tent it. The customer sighed, feeling so empty now, but satisfied - for the moment, at least.

Jill noticed that at the other box, the man was still face-fucking the other ERA girl. It was odd, like he wanted everything to stop, but couldn't since he was enjoying this all too well. The girl in that box was sucking him clean, keeping him from leaving by continuing to suck until he was hard again. Wiggling in her seat, Jill watched with interest as the man went through his third orgasm, grunting and groaning as he felt completely tender in his crotch area. His hands were latched onto his thighs, squeezing them frantically as he was already nearing his fourth. Oh, my, she was really working him, watching his face turn red from the immense pleasure he was receiving, and the fact that it was actually starting to hurt.

It was a moment later that Jill recognized the woman in the other box... it was the cruel nurse from Jill's first day at work! What was she doing there? Was she being punished? Rewarded? And how did she get so good at sucking cock? It had been an interesting day, and tomorrow would be as well...

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