Monday, November 9, 2009

Chastity Captions 11-15

Well, would you look at that? Thanks to Google Analytics, I just found out that my lil' blog about smut, whores, and sexual deviation has been visited by people on every continent on the planet! (Not counting Antarctica, of course) That just blows my mind!

And, as if that weren't enough, just yesterday the blog had its 250th visitor! Then today, that number jumped to 275! I'm so happy that there are people out there that are entertained by my... um... content? Yeah, content! So, to celebrate - how about some more captions!

I suppose it'd be a bad idea to give your key to a hot,
dominant girl who didn't find you attractive...

One of my favorite things about chastity is the potential
for teasing that it brings up. Mmmm, teasing!

Chastity: A wonderful way to exploit
one fetish and tie it to another!

Sometimes chastity isn't the means to an end, it's the end itself.

I love dominant women. Especially those with jobs that
put them in control. And I love hot girls in rubber. So a
cute redhead in a rubber uniform who wants to lock
me into chastity? Yes, please!

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