Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cuckold Captions 6-10

I love the idea of a long-term girlfriend refusing to have
sex with her boyfriend because it might hurt their
relationship. So, of course, she's got to fuck other guys!

If you locked an average man in chastity and he knew
the only times he would be allowed to have an orgasm were when
he was playing with himself while he listened to his wife's stories
about sleeping around... how long before he literally
begged his wife to fuck other men?

I'm gonna go with 3 months. Maybe 4, max.

Yes, she agreed to help you work out your cuckolding fantasy.
And yes, she promised to make sure the bulls weren't
anyone you knew. But that was before she really got into it.
And, really, what are you going to do to stop her, cuckold?

How is she supposed to keep track of all of the real men she fucks?
There are so many! That's hardly a fair request to make.
Plus, why do you care? Not like you had a shot at being one of them.

Being locked in chastity by a beautiful woman is a dream come true.
But what if she started to taunt you with the possibility of her
getting her sexual needs fulfilled by real-man bulls. Would
it still seem like a turn-on as she flirted with them in front of you?


  1. I love most of your captions, but the top caption in this post is out of this world! I think I'm partial though because this reminds me of a relationship I was in.

  2. My cuckoldress wife always tells me how big their cocks are. And reminds me why i will remain locked in chastity,because little boys are not allowed to cum.