Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cuckold Captions 16-20

Hey, cuckolds! I know you've been hoping for some more captions about how that special lady in your life is cheating on you - and how she flaunts it in front of you... So here you go!

She's training you to be her cuckold servant.
Every time you make a mistake, she fucks more men.
And you make so many mistakes...

It's not just about her pleasure.
It's also about humiliating you.
Really humiliating you.

Not a bad way to organize them, actually.

Why is it that black cock sluts always like it rough from their bull?
They always seem to want to be used and degraded by a Real Man,
but they only laugh and tease guys like you...

She's awfully proud of what happened while
you were doing your chores!

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