Saturday, January 2, 2010

10 Favorite Blonde Pornstars (#5-1)

Here are my personal numbers one through five of my 10 Favorite Blonde Pornstars! Be sure to check out numbers six through ten and the list of my 10 Favorite Redheaded Pornstars.

5) Alexis Texas
All Dressed UpYes. Please.

That Sexy O-FaceBetween the goofy grin and the half open eyes,
I'd say that Alexis is really enjoying herself!

An Ass To Die ForIs that not the best looking ass ever? Seriously.
All shiny and round. I can't decide if I want to fuck
it, lick it, or spank it til it's red. So hot!

A Mouth Built For CockAlexis knows that sucking cock is serious business.

Her Deviant Nature
Neither. Alexis isn't really big into dom/sub scenes.
A few of her shoots have a bit of a dominant theme,
but her work is pretty vanilla.

4) Gia Paloma
All Dressed UpUnlike some pornstars, Gia looks gorgeous before her scenes
as well as during her scenes. See above.

That Sexy O-FaceYou've gotta love a hot pornstar whose best o-face picture
is when she's chained to a wall being fucked with a strap-on...

An Ass To Die ForIf she would let me, I would eat all of my food out of Gia's ass.

A Mouth Built For CockIsn't Gia cute when she's struggling to choke down a monster
cock? Look at the stress she's going through to gag on that dick!

Her Deviant Nature
Both! Gia's done both dominant and submissive scenes...
And either way, she looks good doing it!

3) Eve Laurence (Eve Lawrence)
All Dressed Up That Isn't Eve just the cutest lil' secretary a horny
businessman could hope to have?

Sexy O-FacePretty sure she's enjoying herself.

An Ass To Die ForSo tight. So perky.

A Mouth Built For CockLook at how she's trying to get that big dick in her mouth!

Her Deviant Nature
Neither. Eve doesn't really do d/s shoots - although in
her 'nilla scenes she does tend to take control
and tell the guy what to do...

2) Sunny Lane (Sunshine Lane)
All Dressed Up Let's start off by mentioning that you - yes, you sitting
at home on your computer - can have sex with Sunny.
That's a fact. You can.
She works at the Bunny Ranch brothel in Nevada, and
for the right price, you can enjoy all that is Sunny!

That Sexy O-Face
Gotta love that face!

An Ass To Die For
Can't decide if I want to bury my cock or my tongue
in her plump lil' ass, but either way it's a win!

A Mouth Built For Cock
Aw! She looks even cuter with a big throbbin' cock
jammed in her mouth!

Her Deviant Nature
Dominant! Sunny my favorite ballbusting scene... ever
as part of the POV Fantasy series. Love it.
Oh, and then she shot a few scenes with the
Mean Bitches suite of sites. So! Good!

1) Lorelei Lee
All Dressed UpEven when she's dressed to look sweet and innocent,
there's not a bit of either in Lorelei.
And that's more than ok.

That Sexy O-Face What is right about this picture: Everything.

An Ass To Die For
Did I mention that Lorelei has an ass hot enough
that it would be worth having your poor, chaste penis
teased and denied, just to get a chance
to work you tongue up it?

A Mouth Built For CockDoesn't this just make you want to blow a giant load
all over Lorelei's slutty face?

Her Deviant NatureDominant! Lorelei has done a few submissive roles,
but only with dominant women. If you're a guy, you
better be ready to get the ever lovin' hell beaten,
teased, and smothered out of you!

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