Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ass Worship Captions 36-50 MEGAPOST!!!

I'm back with my first ever 15 caption megapost! I got a little... overexcited... and made 15 brand new ass worship captions, bringing the blog up to an even 50 total. Remember to look through the old posts to see related captions - I'm working on tagging all of my posts right now!

A nice weekend vacation.

This is what they mean by "spit shine".

It would help if she would quit rolling over in the sand...

Replaced once she gets to college. Ouch.

You love your work.

Your ass fetish haunts you everywhere you go!

You know this is what models are thinking, right?

Not that you're complaining.

Everything has a price.

You know it will!

You're her public buttkisser!


Grinding up on guys all night gets them really sweaty.

A true tropical paradise!

Keep her ass sparklingly clean for the cameras.
In front of the whole photo shoot crew.

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  1. The best thing in the world is to lick a women's ass! To lick the crack and asshole is the best sex there is!