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His Balls Belong To Her - Chapter 2: Testing The Treatment

Chapter 1: The Treatment
Chapter 2: Testing The Treatment
Chapter 3: Flashback
Chapter 4: More Than It Hurts Me

Kaden - a young man who is in over his head, and his ball are going to pay the price
Nurse Brenda - an adorable redheaded nurse who's very helpful, but not very bright
Dr. Samantha - a tall, brunette doctor who's researching cruel new forms of ball torture
Melissa - Kaden's bitchy blonde girlfriend. She does not have his best interests in mind!

Chapter 2: Testing Out The Treatment

Kaden was silent the whole ride home. He was trying to digest all of the instructions that Nurse Brenda had given him after he'd recovered from the shots. She'd said the drug would be in full effect after just a few hours. After that time had passed, Dr. Samantha suggested that Melissa give him a very thorough testing to make sure everything was in order. With a very cruel smile, she'd prescribed Kaden with "a thorough ball beating - very thorough - with a nice mix of teasing, don't be afraid to get him really close". It hadn't made Kaden feel any better that Nurse Brenda had giggled and clapped with glee at Dr. Samantha's proclamation.

Although Kaden was sure that Melissa was busy thinking of diabolical ways to "test" the effectiveness of the drug, that wasn't the case. Melissa and her good friend, Dr. Samantha, had planned this entire scenario out weeks ago. Melissa wasn't trying to think up ways to use and abuse Kaden. She was trying to prioritize what to do to him first. Luckily, the treatment center wasn't far from Melissa's home, so she didn't have to wait long.

When they got back, Kaden put some ice on his slightly swollen balls and lay down for a nap. Meanwhile, Melissa started organizing things for her tests later. Once she had everything ready, Melissa waited until enough time had passed that the treatment was in full effect. Then she went to wake up Kaden. He was in deep sleep on the couch, and she kissed his forehead. He blinked and stretched as he woke up. The ice pack had fallen to the floor while he rested.

"Time to get up, honey!" Melissa said excitement in her voice.

As Kaden started to smile and stretch, Melissa suddenly shifted her weight to her left foot, raised her right knee and then dropped down, driving her knee into Kaden's groin. Kaden's eye shot open, and he tried to sit up. Unfortunately for him, Melissa was now laying on top of him, holding him in place. As he scrambled to push her off, she drove the same knee into his balls four more times in quick succession.

Kaden felt like he was going to be sick. He stopped fighting as the pain overwhelmed him. Melissa was staring him straight in the eyes. She could hardly believe how wet her panties were getting from this. It was even better than she'd hoped it would be!

"Sorry about that, baby. I just wanted to see if the drug worked. Do you fee like your balls are more sensitive?" she asked breathlessly.

"Oh! I... ugh... I... I guess. Why did you do that?" Kaden asked.

"Hmmm. That's not a very definite answer," Melissa said, brushing aside his question. "Let's get you up, and we can check to be sure."

Melissa help Kaden out of his clothes and then over to a wooden kitchen chair. He sat down heavily on the hard chair, cupping his sore balls.

"Well, first, we need to get those hands out of the way," Melissa said, gently pulling Kaden's hands behind the back of the chair.

With a quick flourish of duct tape, Kaden was secured to the chair and his hands were taped to each out other. A moment later and his ankles were each firmly taped to the back legs of the chair. This pulled his legs well apart at the knee, making his balls very tempting and accessible targets. Melissa looked down at Kaden's balls, which were resting on the hardwood seat of the chair. They were practically begging to be pummeled.

"Let's play a little game while we test how the drug is working. Why don't you tell me things you find sexy and exciting? It could be a fetish, a fantasy, dirty words you like to hear, something you'd like to experiment with, anything you find arousing. Then, I'll do something painful to your balls - something really painful, most likely. And then you can name something else! It will be like you're being punished for sharing your deep dark secrets with me! Except that you know I want you to share as much as possible, partly because I want to use your fetishes against you and partly because I want to hurt your balls. A lot."

"Oh. Um, ok, Melissa. We can try - uhhg!" Kaden's response got cut short by Melissa lifting a foot up and resting it on his balls.

She put her chin in her hand, which was braced on her knee, and looked him right in the eye. And then she smiled.

"Let's hear it already! I'm ready to get started."

"Well, I guess I kinda have a thing for girls in uniform..." Kaden said uncertainly.

"Not! [thump] Specific! [thump] Enough! [thump]" Melissa immediately responded, emphasizing each word by raising her foot, and driving it back down into Kaden's balls.

"Oh, ow! Do you really have to do that? It really hurts, Melissa. Ugh... A lot more than it should!"

"Good, that's how we know the drug is working! Now quit stalling."

"Um. I think French maid uniforms are sexy..." Kaden said quickly, trying to do what Melissa wanted.


"They are," Melissa confirmed with a smile.

"Schoolgirl uniforms are..." Kaden started to say, before he was cut off by Melissa's foot.


"Another good one," Melissa interrupted. "Less elaboration, just list costumes you think are hot. And go faster. I want to stomp your balls more," Melissa said with an enormous smile.

"Police officer..."





"Haha, never would've guessed that!" Melissa laughed as she rolled her eyes. "Two for being obvious!"

[Thump! Thump!]

Kaden would've sworn that he could feel Melissa's heel driving all the way through his balls to the chair. The pain was incredible after having his balls stomped so many times in such a small amount of time. Kaden took a quick breath before continuing.



Melissa's smile grew even wider, "Well, isn't that interesting? Do you have a little crush on sweet little Nurse Brenda?"

Kaden's balls were beginning to swell with all of the punishment Melissa is delivering. She drove her heel into his balls for emphasis as she said "crush". Kaden was very red in the face. It wasn't entirely clear if that was the result of the ballbeating he was receiving, or because he was embarrassed that his girlfriend was teasing him about being attracted to his nurse.

"I think Brenda and I are going to have a little talk..." Melissa said with a grin. "She deserves to know that a disgusting little pervert like you is lusting after her, don't you think?"

Kaden looked at the floor, ashamed at being caught lusting after another woman.


Melissa drove her heel into Kaden's balls, catching them both perfectly. The pain was sudden and excruciating.

"I asked you a question, pervert!" Melissa said with a scowl. She left her heel resting on his swelling nutsack.

Melissa was trying her best to appear as though she was anything but ecstatic to have another excuse to stomp on his balls. She was clearly enjoying this. Her cheeks were flushed, and she was breathing heavily. Kaden was breathing heavily too, but for a different reason. His balls were aching like nothing he had ever experienced before. Each of Melissa's stomps sent lighting bolts of pain to his abdomen. It was hard to imagine, but each shot to his balls hurt more than the last.

"Y-y-yes," Kaden managed to say.

"Yes what?", Melissa said, as she slowly started to grind his balls into the chair with her heel.

"Yes, you should tell Nurse Brenda that I have a crush on her!" Kaden said quickly, hoping the pain would stop.


"And, you should tell her I'm a disgusting little pervert. I'm so sorry, Melissa! Please stop!" Kaden said in anguish.

With a proud smile at Kaden's admission, Melissa said, "Oh, I'll be sure to tell her exactly that. And I think Doctor Samantha will be interested to learn what you've been thinking about her staff - especially after all they've done to help you with your little problem."

Kaden blushed and looked at the floor under Melissa's condescending tone.

"Now, let's get back to it, pervert. I found your tool box in the garage while you were napping. Why don't I try that out on you, while you tell me what other creepy, kinky things get you off?" Melissa suggested with a sneer.

"Um. Are you sure..." Kaden started to say before he saw the angry look on Melissa's face. "Ah... I like... um... shiny, um, latex and rubber and stuff!" he finished quickly.

Melissa smiled at the thought of busting Kaden's balls while wearing skintight latex. In one quick, fluid motion, she pulled a large rubber mallet from the tool box and slammed it down into Kaden's balls. Melissa thought she could almost hear his poor nuts make a squishing noise as the mallet crushed them against the wooden chair. Kaden's face turned bright red and he struggle frantically at his restraints.

"Mmmm. Good to know," Melissa said with a wolfish grin, "I bet you'd go wild for latex versions of those uniforms you mentioned, wouldn't you?"

"Y-y-yes, Melissa," Kaden said quickly. "I think that dark lipstick and lipgloss that looks wet are hot. Please don't hit me again!"


Melissa's mallet drove Kaden's balls nearly flat against the hard chair seat. Kaden's cheeks puffed out at the impact. It was pain like nothing he'd ever felt before. His eyes began to water.

"I... I like to be teased," Kaden admitted after he caught his breath.

Melissa raised her rubber hammer, then paused a moment looking Kaden right in the eyes.

"Do you mean teased... and denied?" Melissa asked with a trace of hope in her voice.

"Um... y-"


While Kaden was trying to answer, Melissa had swung the mallet down with all of her might. She was very excited to hear his answer to her question, and even more excited for the chance to catch him unexpectedly squarely in his swollen balls.

"Sorry. You were saying?" Melissa prompted Kaden, whose eyes were clenched shut. Single tears dripped down each of his cheeks.

"Y-y-yes, I like being teased and denied."

"That's very good to hear," Melissa said absentmindedly, as she dug through the toolbox. "Because, like Doctor Samantha mentioned, the drug you volunteered to test will prevent you from having an orgasm or otherwise being able to cum. At all. So, in a way, anything I do to arouse you is tease and denial, because you can't cum! It's like having you completely in chastity, even if you're not locked up!"

With that, Melissa pulled her hand out of the toolbox with a flourish. She held up a large pair of pliers. With a devilish grin, she made the pliers open and close a few times as she moved them closer and closer to Kaden's balls.

"I like... I like it when women are aggressive. Like about sex and stuff..." Kaden said, hoping his admission would distract Melissa.

It did not. Melissa put Kaden's right ball into the teeth of the pliers. The she squeezed the pliers shut lightly with her left hand.

"That's not so bad, is it?" Melissa asked innocently.

"Well, no it-," Kaden started to answer before he realized what was about to happen. "Oh, NO! Please, NO!"

What Kaden had realized was that Melissa was holding the pliers on his one ball with her left hand, but she still had the mallet in her right hand. And she was slowly raising the rubber hammer. Meanwhile, her left hand was positioning the pliers so that one handle was braced on the seat of the wooden chair and the other was in the air above it. Before he could protest further, Kaden's pleas were cut short as Melissa slammed the mallet down onto the handle of the pliers. With the rubber hammer hitting the top handle and the bottom handle braced on the wooden seat, the teeth of the pliers were driven tightly shut with an enormous force.

"EEEEEEEE....." escaped from Kaden's lungs.

His mouth hung open and his breathing was fast and very shallow. His eyes drifted around the room, focusing on nothing. A single tear rolled down his cheek, but he didn't notice. It felt like someone had kicked him in the balls, stomach and temples - all at once. Kaden couldn't even form thoughts to process how much pain he was in.

"Ooooo, look at how deep the pliers went into your widdle nut!" Melissa said in a baby voice. "Did big bad Melissa hurt your soft widdle ballsie with the mean old pliers?"

Melissa didn't even try to stifle her glee at causing the pliers to dig their teeth deeply into Kaden's already sore ball meat. She smiled from ear to ear as she examined the deeply indented lines that the pliers' rows of teeth had made in his testicle flesh. An idea struck Melissa, and she started to laugh right in Kaden's face.

"Wait, wait, wait. I was going to move on to your other ball and then maybe some other stuff, but I just got the BEST idea! I have to try it right away. So, I don't know, catch your breath while you tell me any other fetishes you can think of that get you excited. Then I can just focus on torturing your balls. Ha! I love the idea I just thought of  - hurry up!"

Kaden, however, was in no shape to continue discussing his fetishes. He had barely been able to catch his breath. His eyes were wild as he desperately tried to figure out what Melissa had just thought of.

"What? Nothing? Oh, I bet you're just feeling shy," Melissa said. She put her left elbow on the pliers handle, put chin in her left hand, and leaned in closer to Kaden. Her body weight was now squeezing the cruel pliers shut on his ball again. The teeth of the pliers dug back into his ball, sinking back into the ruts they had just created a minute ago.

Melissa whispered, "Don't worry, I won't tell anyone. Except maybe your doctor and nurse. Ok, ok. Definitely your doctor and nurse."

Kaden sniffled and choked back a sob. He was overwhelmed with pain. His one testicle was supporting all of Melissa's upper body weight, and she was clearly intentionally trying to lean on it as hard as she could. Kaden resigned himself to the truth that the only way to get her to move on to some new torture was to tell her what she wanted.

"I... I like being talked down to. Verbally humiliated, I mean," Kaden said quickly. "I like it when women talk dirty. Especially if they do it while they humiliate me."

"What sorts of things do you like being humiliated about?" asked Melissa with genuine interest, but still leaning heavily on the pliers.

Kaden started talking as fast as he could, "About how I masturbate too much. That's I'm addicted to jacking off. That I'm not good enough to have sex with a woman, I only get to be punished by women. I only deserve to jack off. That I need to be strictly disciplined by hot women - controlled and dominated. I only deserve to kiss women on their asses. No woman would ever let me kiss her, unless it was on her ass."

"Interesting. Very interesting...", Melissa said once Kaden had stopped babbling. "Now, let's try out the idea I had! I'm going to rotate the pliers 90 degrees, and then hit them with the rubber mallet again. I want to see if I can get the teeth of the pliers to make cute little criss-cross groves in your poor little ball!"

Before Kaden could argue, Melissa grabbed the pliers and rotated them 90 degrees, so that the teeth sat a perfectly right angles from the marks they had already made. Melissa looked Kaden straight in the eye as she raised the mallet in her right hand, aiming it for the pliers in her left. She quickly pump-faked slamming the hammer down. Kaden twitched wildly trying to get out of the way of the fake blow. Melissa laughed at how much he had jumped. She caught his eyes again and made an exaggerated kiss towards him with a loud "mauh!" to cap it off. The mallet slammed into the pliers while Kaden was distracted by looking at Melissa's lips.

The pain was incredible. Kaden couldn't form words. He just huffed air rapidly in a series of short breaths. Tears were flowing freely from both his eyes. He couldn't even feel his legs anymore, the pain from his abdomen was so intense.

Melissa was privately quite pleased both with Kaden's extreme reaction to the pain she was administering, as well as the resiliency his balls were exhibiting. It was clear that Dr. Samantha hadn't been kidding - Kaden's balls were obviously going to be able to put up with enormous amounts of stress. They really were virtually indestructible!

"Don't worry, honey," Melissa said gently to her sobbing boyfriend. "I haven't forgotten about your other ball. I'll give it some attention, too. Then maybe I'll switch back and forth between them for awhile. You just sit there and absorb the gut-wrenching pain. And feel free to cry like a little bitch. That cracks me up!"

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