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His Balls Belong To Her - Chapter 1: The Treatment

This is a brand new original story by me! I got inspired by lws8512's story "Busting Bobby's Balls". His story features way, way, way over-the-top ballbusting and cbt, which - for whatever sick reason - really appealed to me! (Don't try any of this stuff in real life haha) So, I decided to crank out my own chapter of comically brutal ball-abuse and see where it ended up. I love sexy, but cruel doctors and nurses as well as bitchy girlfriends, so those are the three women that our poor main character's balls are going to have to survive.

Chapter 1: The Treatment
Chapter 2: Testing The Treatment
Chapter 3: Flashback
Chapter 4: More Than It Hurts Me

Kaden - a young man who is in over his head, and his ball are going to pay the price
Nurse Brenda - an adorable redheaded nurse who's very helpful, but not very bright
Dr. Samantha - a tall, brunette doctor who's researching cruel new forms of ball torture
Melissa - Kaden's bitchy blonde girlfriend. She does not have his best interests in mind!

Chapter 1: The Treatment

"Thank you so much for volunteering," said Brenda, the hospital nurse assigned to Kaden. "Please remove your clothing. Even your underwear. I know this is probably a little embarrassing, but it really will help."

"Oh, he doesn't mind at all. Do you, Kaden?" asked Melissa.

Kaden's girlfriend made it clear with her tone that there was only one correct answer. Kaden nodded yes.

Brenda smiled politely and left the room. Kaden tried not to stare at her legs, as her uniform was barely long enough to cover her ass. He knew that was all part of the treatment here at the clinic, but he still didn't want to make it obvious. Especially in front of Melissa. She was not one to tolerate her boyfriend looking at other women.

"Poor boy," Melissa said with a slight sneer. "I just can't imagine what you're about to go through. Do you have any idea the size of the needles they're going to use?"

Kaden's face went white. Needles, and pain in general, had never been something he had a tolerance for. Melissa smirked.

"It's not like you have any choice, of course. If you want to keep dating me, you're volunteering. And that IS what you want, isn't it?" Melissa asked with a glare.

Kaden didn't answer, he just stared down at his feet.

"That's what I thought. Just do what the nice ladies say, and I'm sure it won't hurt. Too much," Melissa laughed.

Before Kaden could think about Melissa's comments, Nurse Brenda came back in the room with the doctor.

"Kaden, this is Samantha. She's the doctor who will be administering your treatment," said Nurse Brenda brightly.

Kaden looked up to see a tall brunette with a big smile wearing a lab coat and carrying a clipboard. Her outfit was much less revealing than Brenda's nurse uniform, but Kaden did notice that Samantha was showing off her substantial cleavage with a low cut shirt under her lab coat. He tried, unsuccessfully, not to stare.

"Hi, Kaden," said Doctor Samantha. "Like Nurse Brenda said, I'm going to be in charge of your treatment. You can call me 'Doctor'. Now why don't we get started? I believe Nurse Brenda has a series of questions that she needs to ask you first..."

"Ah, yes, that's right," Nurse Brenda said, taking the clipboard from Doctor Samantha.

Nurse Brenda seemed a bit flustered as she brushed her bright red curls out of her face. Kaden couldn't help but notice her bright green eyes, set off by her pale white skin. A quick glace over at Melissa confirmed that she was watching his eyes, so he quickly lowered them. Unfortunately, that just put his eyes on the tops of Nurse Brenda's white thigh-high stockings. The few inches of bare leg showing between those and the bottom of her nurse uniform were captivating.

"Ok, please answer truthfully. It's very important that we get the most accurate answer possible," Nurse Brenda said, sitting down on a stool opposite Kaden. The stool was quite high, and Kaden caught himself straining to catch a glimpse of her panties. "How many inches long is your... um... your penis?" Brenda asked with a little embarrassment.

That question caused Kaden to look back at the floor. Although he was fairly average in size, he had no desire to discuss this topic in front of Nurse Brenda and Doctor Samantha, who he had just met.

"That bad, huh?" said Doctor Samantha with a laugh when Kaden didn't answer right away.

"Yeah. That bad," Melissa said, stepping in to answer the question. "Put him down as five inches. Hard. And for two inches soft. Not much to work with really..."

Nurse Brenda giggled at the comment as she wrote down the numbers. Doctor Samantha snorted, clearly unimpressed.

"How many times a day do you play with... um... masturbate?" Nurse Brenda continued the questions.

As Kaden stared at the floor, wishing this would end, Melissa answered again, "Put him down for three times a day on weekdays. Five a day on weekends. Unbelievable, right?"

"Quite the little wanker, aren't you?" asked Doctor Samantha in a mocking tone. "Well, don't worry. This therapy, among other things, should help you stop being such a jackoff junkie. Nurse Brenda, be sure to note that he's a compulsive masturbator on his charts."

"Yes, doctor. Cum... pulse... ive... wank... er. Got it! Ok, next question," Brenda said, looking down her checklist. "Do you consider your ability to sexually please a woman to be above average, average or..."

"Below average. Definitely below average," interrupted Melissa.

"You poor thing," Nurse Brenda said to her. She reached over and patted her on the knee. "It's not your fault."

Kaden sat slumped over, shoulders hunched. He would rather be anywhere else right now. Do anything, other than listening to Melissa outline his sexual failings in front of these two strangers.

"He really is pathetic. He'd rather play with himself than be a man and have sex. He just spits up little load after little load as he jerks it to his enormous shemale porn collection," Melissa explained.

Kaden finally decided to say something, "B-b-but, you said I wasn't allowed to have sex with you. And that I could only jack off if I was looking at shemale porn..."

"That," Melissa said angrily, "sounds an awful lot like arguing with me. That's certainly not what you're doing, right?"

"No, miss," Kaden said as he looked at the floor again.

"Brenda, why don't you cover the rest of the questions while I prep the patient," Samantha suggested. "Kaden, the drug we'll be testing on you has many positive benefits. It will increase your sexual stamina. And it should also increase your pain tolerance... in a manner of speaking. We just need to make sure that there are any side effects. To start the treatment, we'll give you two quick injections. Then you'll be all set."

Kaden looked at Melissa, who smiled and nodded.

"Um, yeah. Yeah, that all sounds good," Kaden admitted.

"Good, then we'll get started. Put your hands behind your head and keep them there. Try to pay attention to Brenda's questions while Melissa preps you for the treatment."

Kaden complied while Brenda asked, "What is the longest you have ever lasted during sex?"

Before he could answer, Melissa punched him squarely in the balls.

"Uhhhg. F-f-five minutes. Why... why did you hit me, Melissa?" Kaden asked, shocked by her sudden attack. Melissa just smiled at him cruelly while he put his hands back behind his head.

"Five minutes is all?" Brenda said, shaking her head. "Ok, next question. On a scale of one to ten, what is your pain tolerance?"

"One?", Kaden answered uncertainly.

"Really?" Samantha said. "You're comfortable with an excruciatingly high level of pain? I wouldn't have guess that. We'll have to make sure we adjust our treatment, Brenda."

"Yes, doctor! I'll make a note on his chart, so we remember how much pain he says he can take," said Brenda earnestly.

"N-n-no, wait," Kaden said, realizing there had been a mistake. "I thought you meant that ten was the highest. I can't take-"

Thump! Melissa threw another lighting-fast fist right between his legs. The sound of her fist drilling his balls into the exam table reverberated around the room.

"Gahhhh," was the only sounds that Kaden could make as he was doubled up in pain. Eventually he managed to ask Melissa again, "W-w-why?"

"Because, honey. I'm trying to help with your treatment. I want to make sure it works right!" Melissa said with dripping sarcasm.

"It's true, Kaden," Samantha explained. "The first step in your treatment is administering the drug. Nurse Brenda and I will do that by injecting it. Directly into your testicles." Kaden paled noticeably. "Because the needles we'll be using are quite large..." Samantha paused to let that sink in, "we need your testicles to be as large as possible to facilitate the uptake of the drug. So we need to cause significant swelling to your testicles."

"The bigger, the better!" chimed in Nurse Brenda.

"That... that doesn't sound right," Kaden said confused. "Do I really need-"

"Oh, I can assure you that it's entirely necessary," Samantha said calmly. "Now, because Melissa is your girlfriend and you're most comfortable with her, we thought it would be best to have her cause the swelling. This time, at least."

"This time?!?" Kaden blurted out.

"Oh, yes," Samantha said with an air of authority. "You'll need repeated injections to see the full benefits of the treatments. In addition to your regular check-ups with myself and Nurse Brenda." While she was talking, Samantha pushed a button that made the back half of the exam table tilt up, making a chairback for Kaden to lean against. "And, again, there are many benefits to this treatment. That's why Melissa is so anxious to help."

"Next question. How often, and in what way, do you bring your partner to orgasm?" Nurse Brenda asked, as Samantha gently moved Kaden's hands behind the backrest of the exam table.

"I make him lick me until I cum - twice a day. Three times a day on weekends. Sometimes, I let him use a big, black strap-on to fuck me. If he's very, very good," Melissa answered.

Kaden was carefully watching Melissa's fist as it hovered near his balls. He was so focused that he didn't notice that Samantha has handcuffed his hands to each other behind the raised exam table until the second cuff locked.

"There, that's just to help keep you from struggling. We need access without being worried you'll twist away and hurt yourself," Samantha said comfortingly. "Brenda, will you cuff his legs to the sides of the table while he answers the next question?"

"Sure thing, doctor," Brenda said as she put down the clipboard. "Last question before we begin the treatment. Do you give us your consent to administer this treatment?"

Kaden was staring down Nurse Brenda's top at the cleavage she was flashing at him as she was tightening his leg restraints. He forgot to keep an eye on Melissa, who wasn't in the mood to watch him ogle women right in front of her. As the last cuff was locked in place, Melissa shot three straight right hands into his unprotected ballsack.

Kaden snapped forward, trying to curl into a ball, but the restraints kept him from moving forward more than a few inches. Melissa snickered when Brenda looked up in surprise at Kaden's reaction.

"So... is that a yes?" Nurse Brenda asked.

"No, he has to actually say that he wants the treatment," laughed Samantha. "Take a second, Kaden. Tell us when you're ready."

As Kaden sobbed and tried to catch his breath, Melissa reached out and put her hand around his ballsack. She tightened her grip, trapping his balls at the bottom of his sack. with her other hand, she began jabbing his balls with her pointed fingernails. Over and over, she poked his sensitive organs. Each fingernail that dug into one of Kaden's exposed balls triggered a soft gasp from him.

"Kaden, you know how much this treatment will help you. Can you imagine having sex with me for hours at a time without cumming? Isn't it worth a little pain to finally be able to please me?" Melissa asked, using her repeated jabs to emphasize her point.

"Y-y-yes. I want the t-t-treatment," Kaden managed to say between sobs.

Samantha nodded at Melissa, encouraging her to increase her efforts. Melissa immediately switch from jabbing her fingernails into Kaden's balls to punching his defenseless ballsack with her fist over and over.

"Now, as part of this treatment, we have to inject you with the drug. Directly into your balls. With these needles," Samantha gestured at Brenda, who casually held up two huge needles.

In Kaden's eyes, they looked twice as big as they really were, but they were unnecessarily large either way. The constant barrage of punches his balls were taking didn't help matters as he was beginning to see double.

"Before we can administer the treatment, we need you to - specifically - ask us to inject you. In your balls," Samantha said with a smirk.

Melissa quickly switched hands, which allowed Kaden a second to process Samantha's request. Then she began pounding his trapped balls with her rested arm. Between the sudden increase in the power behind Melissa's punches and the cumulative damage done already, Kaden just wanted the pain to stop as soon as possible.

"P-p-please [thump, Melissa's fist crashed into his balls] inject me in my balls," he said, his voice full of fear and throbbing agony.

"Oh, doctor," said Nurse Brenda, looking up from his chart. "The form says he has to actually beg us to stab him in the balls in order for us to perform the treatment. For, um, legal reasons."

"Hmm, yes, well we do want cross all our t's and dot all our i's... Kaden, you better beg us. And make it believable," Samantha said, without an ounce of sincerity.

"P-p-please [thump] inject me [thump] in the balls. [thump][thump][thump] I... [thump] I really... [thump] need it! [thump] I need it. Oh please, Melissa! [thump] Please stop. [thump][thump][thump]

Melissa threw another quick ten punches directly into Kaden's balls before Samantha touched her on the shoulder and she stopped. Kaden was sobbing heavily, bent over as far as the handcuffs would let him. Melissa stood up and stepped aside. It was clear by her expression that she would have preferred to continue to punish Kaden's balls. Nurse Brenda had finished Kaden's chart. She checked off the last box and looked up at him.

"Ok! Well, that about does it... Are you ready to begin?" she asked Kaden.

He didn't answer right away. Kaden was still whimpering quietly. It was clear he wasn't listening anymore. Nurse Brenda stood up and put her clipboard on his balls. Then she quickly leaned forward on her hands, crushing his balls between the clipboard and the exam table. Kaden's head snapped up. There were tears in his eyes as he stared at Nurse Brenda in disbelief at the amount of pain he was experiencing. His mouth hung open as he tried to form words. Then Nurse Brenda started to rock the clipboard from left to right, transferring her weight from one testicle to the other and back again.

"The nurse asked you a question," Samantha said, as she picked up the needles.

"Y-y-yes," Kaden managed to whisper through the pain.

"That's better," Samantha said with an air of superiority. "The pain will be excruciating, but try not to move. You wouldn't want us to have to pierce your little ballsies twice, would you?"

Doctor Samantha picked up needles and handed one to Nurse Brenda. The other she kept for herself. Then she turned to Melissa.

"Alright, we're ready to get started. Melissa, feel free to adjust the camera," Samantha gestured to a video camera sitting against the near wall.

The camera, which Kaden hadn't noticed until Samantha mentioned it, was positioned perfectly to record all of the damage the three women had delivered to Kaden's balls. Melissa moved the camera to a slightly different position that gave a clear shot around the nurse and doctor.

Once she was done, Doctor Samantha said, "Melissa, feel free to offer him some encouraging words. This is going to hurt his balls like nothing he's ever experienced."

Kaden couldn't help but notice Doctor Samantha's very satisfied smile. While Kaden was watching Melissa move the camera, but he hadn't noticed that Nurse Brenda and Doctor Samantha had loaded their needles and knelt down in front of him. To large metal spikes now hovered just inches from his balls.

"Ready, nurse?"

"Yes, doctor!"

"Good. Use one hand to hold the right one in place. I'll do the left. Press as hard as you can. Once you've pierced his testicle, slowly administer the drug."

Kaden was about to start sobbing again, when he heard Melissa's voice in his ear. She had walked around behind him, and was leaning around to put her mouth right next to his ear.

"It gets me so wet to see you in so much pain for me," Melissa whispered in his ear. "It's just so dirty to watch your balls get tortured. Especially since you're doing it to be able to please me better."

Melissa licked the edge of his ear as Nurse Brenda raised her needle.

"Nurse... begin administering the drug!" Doctor Samantha said with a flourish.

Nurse Brenda smiled sweetly at Kaden, then drove the extra-large needle squarely into his right testicle. Kaden immediately began thrashing about wildly. The pain was incredible. His only thought was that Doctor Samantha had been exactly right - he'd never experienced anything close to this level of pain.

"If you thought that was bad," said Doctor Samantha with a slight grin, "just wait until I stick your left one..."

Doctor Samantha looked up at Melissa and smiled. Then she abruptly slammed the needle into Kaden's left testicle. The restraints rattled against the exam table as Kaden's body spasmed in response to the pain. He was breathing so quickly, he couldn't even catch his breath to scream. All that came out of his mouth was a hiss and a small squeak. Eventually, Kaden stopped thrashing. He appeared to be on the brink of unconsciousness, which would have been a welcome change to him at this point.

Melissa whispered into his ear, "Before they inject the drug into your swollen balls, I want to tell you more about it. I know it's tough, but try to focus on what I'm saying, not the mind-numbing pain. This drug will absolutely make you able to last longer during sex. You'll be able to fuck me for hours and hours without cumming. Won't that be fun? But there are a few small side effects. The reason you'll be able to last for hours and hours is that the drug will make it impossible for you to cum! That's why we had to inject it directly into your balls. You'll still make sperm like usual, though. Actually, you'll make more sperm than usual, because we'll be having lots and lots of sex. You just won't be cumming! I hope you're ready for the worst case of blue balls any man has ever had, because you're going to make that look like a breeze! It's going to be so much fun! For me, at least. The good news is, I'll be able to help relieve some of the ache from your blue balls. Because one side effect of the drug is that is greatly increases the strength of the tissue it's injected into... That means your balls will be able to take all kinds of punishment!"

"She's telling the truth," Doctor Samantha confirmed as she and Nurse Brenda injected the drug into Kaden's balls. "We've tested a number of men who've undergone this treatment. The amount of pressure their balls were able to take was astounding. In fact, as hard as we tried - and we did try - we've never been able to crush balls that have had this treatment."

"There's a first time for everything!" Nurse Brenda interrupted cheerfully as she yanked both empty needles out of Kaden's balls.

"Of course, there is a bit of a trade-off... " Doctor Samantha continued. "As Melissa said, one of the side effects it that you'll no longer be able to achieve orgasm. You'll be able to get right to the edge, but you won't be able to spill your load. It will just give you an excruciating case of blue balls. There are two other side effects that we've discovered so far. First, although your balls will stand up to almost anything, you'll notice that they swell a lot more than balls usually do. A lot more. Don't worry, the swelling goes down. Eventually. The second side effect we've found is that, although your balls will be able to stand up to things that would normally damage them permanently, that doesn't mean they won't cause you any pain. In fact, we've actually found that the drug, well..."

Melissa started moaning in his ear, sounding like she was about to cum, "It... oh... oh, yes... it triples it!"

As the pain from the needles was subsiding, Kaden was trying to take in everything he was being told. Before he could process the ramifications of all of the side effects that Doctor Samantha was telling him about, Kaden realized that Melissa was playing with herself behind him. And she had just cum while telling him that his balls would be three times as sensitive as they normally would.

"So, to recap," Melissa said, as she walked around in front of the exam table smoothing her skirt, "No matter how excited you get, you won't be able to cum. But you will be able to experience unending blue balls that get constantly worse. I'll be able to punish your balls any way I see fit, without the fear for permanent damage. And, as an added bonus, your balls will substantially more sensitive to pain."

"It's a good thing you told us your pain threshold was so high. We made sure to give you an extra strong dose!" said Nurse Brenda helpfully.


  1. Looking forward to watching as Melissa begins to really enjoy herself at Kaden's expense.:)