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His Balls Belong To Her - Chapter 3: Flashback

Chapter 1: The Treatment
Chapter 2: Testing The Treatment
Chapter 3: Flashback
Chapter 4: More Than It Hurts Me

Kaden - a young man who is in over his head, and his ball are going to pay the price
Nurse Brenda - an adorable redheaded nurse who's very helpful, but not very bright
Dr. Samantha - a tall, brunette doctor who's researching cruel new forms of ball torture
Melissa - Kaden's bitchy blonde girlfriend. She does not have his best interests in mind!

Chapter 3: Flashback

Begin Flashback...

As preparation for his procedure, Melissa had ordered an set of adjustable wrist and ankle cuffs designed to go under a mattress and fully restrain their victim. It arrived a week before Kaden's appointment with Dr. Samantha. Melissa had Kaden put it in place, then had him lie down to test it out. It worked beautifully. No matter how much he thrashed around, Kaden couldn't get out of the padded cuffs. Melissa lovingly informed him that he would be padlocked into place every night, at least until he got his procedure.

Not wanting to wait for Kaden's procedure to start having fun, Melissa had then secretly called Dr. Samantha, hoping to get her help. Samantha had been out, but Nurse Brenda was only too willing to help Melissa with her plan. Brenda called Kaden an hour later and explained to him that in order for his upcoming procedure to be a success, he would have to "abstain from ejaculation for at least one week" immediately prior to his appointment. Kaden, wanting to please Melissa, agreed to avoid ejaculation in order to ensure the treatment would work. What he couldn't hear over the phone was the sound of Nurse Brenda playing with herself as she lied to him. The redhead's hand moved frantically under her white nurse's skirt. She came violently at her desk as she thought about Kaden voluntarily missing out on his last few chances to cum - for no reason other than his nurse and his girlfriend thought it would be funny to make his balls as full as they could be when they made it impossible for him to cum.

So, to comply with Nurse Brenda's "orders", Kaden had abstained from sex and masturbation - although he'd spent many hours going down on Melissa and servicing her with her favorite dildo - long, thick black one that was three times his size, had a pair of fat balls and was covered in angry looking veins. Just because he couldn't cum didn't mean she had to go without, after all.

Every night when it was time for bed Melissa tied Kaden down with the new restraints. She told him he had to be tied up because Dr. Samantha said that boys - especially compulsive masturbators like Kaden - would play with themselves in their sleep if they weren't restrained. What Kaden didn't know was that Dr. Samantha had also provided Melissa with a bottle of sleeping pills, and that every night Melissa made sure a crushed up pill made it into his food. Then, once he was tied into bed and in a deep sleep, Melissa would have hours of fun teasing him with no fear that he would wake up. For seven straight days, she spent the better part of the night doing everything she could to make his blue balls worse.

As soon as she was sure he was unconscious for the night, Melissa would set up Kaden's laptop next to him on the bed. Then she would use the laptop to play porn for hours on end. She made sure to play lots of videos featuring women moaning and screaming while they got a hard fucking. In between each of these, she would mix in scenes with bratty college girls verbally degrading the viewer and strict dominatrices abusing their slaves. One after another, Melissa made sure they played all night. She hooked headphones to the computer and put them on Kaden, so he would be sure to hear every single dirty noise and filthy word. Melissa didn't know what listening to porn like this would do to Kaden subconsciously, but she suspected it would only help to frustrate him further. So why not try it?

Melissa loved to think of nasty ways to tease Kaden while he slept, unconsciously listening to hours and hours of other people cumming over and over. She spent hours licking and sucking his cock and balls. She rubbed his ridged penis with soft silk panties. She tickled his shaft with long, soft feathers while she giggled and played with herself. She slowly massaged entire bottles of hand lotion into his cock, making it so slick that she could give him a rough two-handed handjob while giving his tormented member barely any friction at all. And she was always sure to never make him cum.

She especially enjoyed giving Kaden long, sloppy blowjobs, because she had told Kaden early in their relationship that sucking cock was dirty, and she would never, ever suck him off. Which was a flat-out lie, of course. Melissa actually really enjoyed sucking cock, and all of her other boyfriends had plenty of stories about Melissa mouth-fucking them to mind-blowing orgasms. But in Kaden's case, she just saw blowjobs as yet another thing she could deny him. Just another rule that would help establish who was in charge in their relationship. Of course, Kaden was still expected to service her with his tongue on a regular basis.

The first night of Kaden's week of (completely unnecessary) celibacy, Melissa offered him a little encouragement as she tied him into bed.

"It just wouldn't do to have your touching yourself in your sleep, now would it? I know boys like you can't help but jerk off every chance you get - that's why you need the procedure so badly - but just try to make it seven days without jacking your little chubby, ok? For me, baby?" Then, in a baby voice she cooed, "Can my widdle boyfwend make it a whole week without playing wiff your widdle weenis? Huh, widdle boy? For your pwincess?"

Her condescending tone cut Kaden deeply. He'd always been very sensitive about his masturbation habits, especially because Melissa always seemed to catch him in the act - and almost always just as he was getting close to cumming. He had no idea that Melissa was always keeping an eye on him, just in case he decided to sneak off for a quick jerk. Her constant vigilance meant that she was routinely able to interrupt Kaden's disgusting self-pleasure sessions. In fact, she thought it was a lot of fun to "accidentally" walk in on him. And she thought it was especially fun interrupt him right as he was getting closing to cumming.

Kaden wouldn't have minded getting caught watching porn on his computer, except that Melissa made it into an unbearably embarrassing ordeal every time. Each and every time she interrupted him, she insisted that he continue jacking off until he finished... but she refused to leave the room. Instead, she would stand next to him as he sat in his desk chair watching porn on his laptop. To make the experience as humiliating for him as possible, she'd make cruel remarks to him based on whatever porn he happened to be watching.

If the girl in the porn was moaning and screaming, Melissa would ask, "Have you ever wondered what that would be like - to actually make a woman cum? Can you even imagine?"

If the guy had a big cock (and they always seemed to), Melissa would launch into an assault on the size of Kaden's manhood, "Oh, honey, just look at how big his fucking cock is! It must be three times as big as your useless weenie. Look at how he's nailing her from behind... you can't even do try that position, because you're too small! Don't you wish you had a giant slab of man-meat like he does? Look at how thick and veiny it is."

If the actor in the video blew his load, Melissa started kissing Kaden's neck and whispering into his ear, "What do you think a sticky load of cum tastes like? Wouldn't you just love to slurp down some real-man cum? Wouldn't you just love that?"

She would carry on like that, ruining every sexy thing that happened in the porn, until he eventually managed to dribble out a small load. She would laugh at the sad little "spanky puddle" he'd oozed out after so much effort. Before she's allow him to go clean off, Melissa would reach down, scoop up as much of his splooge as she could, and then smear it across his face. Then she would giggle as she walked out of the room, leaving Kaden staring at her ass with cum-covered eyes.

... End Flashback

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