Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Motivational Captions 71-80

I'm a little late for the Thanksgiving holiday, but here are 10 new Motivational Captions to help you remember just what exactly you should be thankful for, pervert...

Only when she's wearing panties, of course.

Once is better than never, right?

Jealous? Too bad.

Now if she'd just let you out of chastity at the same time...

Ha ha! "Wish you were here"! That's a great one!

Can you guess what she's shopping for?

She does her chores while you get started on yours...

Her crop always seems to appear whenever her top disappears.
Weird, huh?

Sure, her giggling and laughing at your pain and frustration make it worse. 
But still...

And every movie she makes has at least a few sequels.

1 comment:

  1. Tomorrow I'll be visiting someone who rather provides herself on her motivational abilities, and usually likes me to be thankful after.

    Just think - I'll be able to tell her I don't need it, after looking at these.

    I expect she'll be ever so pleased with me...