Monday, November 12, 2012

CBT Captions 51-60

 Even though I've been working away on the next chapter of the "His Balls Belong To Her" story (read chapter 1 and chapter 2), I haven't done any CBT captions in awhile. So here are 10 brand new ballbusting, cockstomping captions for the painslut in all of us! Enjoy!

Yes, yesterday she told you to brush up on your world history.
She never even mentioned math.
Why would that matter?

It's worth it, right?

Just hope she stops the list at three...

Your balls are going to be spending so much time getting to know her knees!

Here comes every man's fantasy? No.
Here comes your cock and balls worst nightmare.

She plans on breaking this little number out for all of those costume parties
you two get invited to all the time. You'll be seeing it a lot more than just on Halloween...

Don't make deals you can't follow through on...

There are so many lessons that she's going to teach you.

Brace yourself. This could take awhile.
Like your entire Spring Break!

When she starts getting off to busting your balls,
you should start expecting to get your balls bruised a lot more often.

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