Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chastity Captions 6-10

Here are another 5 chastity-related captions... Enjoy!

This may be my favorite caption of all the ones I've
made so far! I would always, always fly
with BlueBall Air. You can't imagine what happens
to passengers if their flight is canceled...

Got to love a beautiful redhead with dick-stiffening DSLs.
So soft and plump, don't you just want to blow
load after load all over them?
What if she knew that? And she had your key?

Some guys try to get hot girls drunk, in hopes
that the hottie will lower her standards and they'll have
a shot. But some unlucky bastards get hot girls drunk only to
find out they become even crueler, more sadistic teases!

More tongue torture for locked cocks!
Is there anything hotter than a sexy woman using her tongue
to remind chaste boys of what they're missing?

Quick, name 3 real life places where it would be
more painful to be locked in chastity than walking
from booth to booth at a porn convention to meet
all of the beautiful and talented women...
Now, what if those women knew you were locked up?
And that you were constantly teased by your wife/gf
by being forced to watch their videos, even though you're
not allowed to jack off any more...

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