Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cuckold Captions 1-5

Just because you're locked in chastity doesn't mean that she can't (won't) enjoy herself... in fact, it means that she's going to be having more sex than she would let you give it to her. Turns out, there are a lot of hung studs who are more than happy to pound the stuffing out of your woman. A lot. So you better get used to the idea of being a cuckold as well as being a chaste sissy boy.

Every pornstar should have their own cuckold boyfriend
to torture with their fuck-anyone-but-you lifestyle.

It's so funny what aspects of her cuckolding you that you don't mind.
And what aspects absolutely destroy you.

Where other men - all other men - are allowed to go,
you are never, ever able to visit. Even briefly.

You'll be doing both.
It's just a question of which will be first.

Don't be presumptuous.
You can give her gifts, but it takes a whole
lot more to gain her favor.

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