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Electronic Relaxation Assistant - Ch. 1: First Day

Sometime great erotic art inspires more great erotic art. Sometimes very directly. Sparrow, whose adult art galleries are posted over at the Hentai Foundry, created a very inspiring image.

In response, a short story was written by user Nikova. It was good, and I enjoyed reading it. But I thought didn't take the potential of Sparrow's chair quite far enough... after all, why build a chair that forces the inhabitant to suck any cock put in front of them, if you don't take full advantage of it? So here is my rewrite and extension of that story. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: First Day
Jill sighed, grateful to have successfully auditioned for the Electronic Relaxation Assistant job. The tests... they were much more intense that she had imagined. She had been asked to take a nine inch dildo in her mouth as soon as the interview had started. As she had started, they reminded her that anything less than "balls-deep" would constitute failure. They said that the cock, "... should go down your throat like it belonged there." She'd been in for a long, humiliating day full of gagging, wiping away tears, and gagging again during all of those tests.

Well, she showed them! She forced each and every dildo and cock they put in front of her deep into her throat - over and over until the hiring managers had smiled in approval. The men in the group had become visibly uncomfortable, having to shift their increasingly hard cocks around in their slacks. Then her breasts, bouncing in their D-cups, were fondled and groped and tweaked and squeezed by the interviewers. In the end she had been given the job... after she agreed to relieve the pent-up spunk from every male hiring manager in the group. She had caused their cocks to swell, after all.

When Jill returned for her first day of work, they tied her hair back into two over-sized pigtails. She was given a red plaid skirt, like she was in high school again. It was short, just above her mid-thigh. She was also issued a simple, lacey red bra and a black long-sleeve mesh underneath that. A make-up artist applied a thick coat of long-lasting lipstick and topped the look off with some mascara that she said was, "proven to run at the first sign of your eyes watering." Finally, she was ready to have clients sit on her face and make her gag on their balls.

She arrived at her workstation, with the empty machine ready for her to begin. She checked in and was told to go sit down at her station. As she sat down she noticed a credit card scanner with a note above it that said, "$5 USD Per Cock, Unlimited Time" in bold print. She barely had time to think about how unusually cheap that was before the machine locked her into place. Each arm and leg was held down by a metal sheath. She was immediately was locked in. And she had been advised that the restraints would be set on a timer release, so that she would be free to go as soon as her time was up. Until then, though, she wasn't going anywhere. She laid her head back onto the chair's soft headrest to wait for her first customer.

She glanced at the next closest chair. It was over to her side and it was empty. And it was dripping in a viscous liquid. She thought, "That... that can't be cum. Right? There's so much of it... the girl would've had to have been choking on dick for days..." The cum was pooling around the base of the chair, as well as over most of the chair itself.

When she looked straight ahead with her head resting on the comfortable cushion, she faced a seat for her customer. The customer's seat was oriented so that if a client sat in the chair, their cock would be directly in her face. She smiled as she thought about how close her mouth would be as soon as a hung stud sat down.

Jill's thoughts were interrupted by one of the facilities resident nurses. A beautiful young girl in her early twenties, the nurse wore the standard latex uniform. The short skirt and low-cut blouse showed off her supple legs and large breasts. The nurse's uniform was black with pink trim, indicating two years of service. This nurse's job was to maintain the ERA and to convince potential clients that they really did need to visit the "service area". Nurses were notorious for using all manner of sexual teasing and provocation to encourage clients to use the ERAs for relief.

The nurse smiled at Jill and popped an Extensible Breast Assistant onto each of her perky tits. The smiled turned into an evil grin as the nurse twisted the control dial from "light" to "heavy" stimulation". The nurse's eyes darkened with sadistic glee as she tapped the "Nipple Stimulation - Heavy (Chew)" button.

The strange EBA device strapped on her D-cups immediately caused her pussy to drip with arousal. The nurse took this opportunity to insert the Extensible Vibrating Assistant into her.

"You requested both the vaginal and anal EVA attachments, correct?" asked the nurse.

"Yes, ma'am," Jill responded, blushing her embarrassment.

"Of course. You would." The nurse's contempt for her was thinly veiled. "Well then, I don't think I need to bother asking you which size attachments you'd prefer."

"I don't really..."

"No. You'll be getting the largest we have. Actually, the largest vaginal attachment we have is twice as long and thick as the largest anal plug. So I'll just give you one of those for both your pussy and ass." The nurse was obviously enjoying her control of the situation. The chart indicated she'd not had much experience with anal and to use a small plug. "And don't worry, I'll do my best to find a couple with a bunch of bumps and ridges. Just to keep you interested."

Jill didn't mind the EVA. She wasn't told of the length of each dildo, but she had stuffed herself with plenty, and knew she was ready for it. The nurse smiled at her and gave each large rubber cock a quick kiss on the tip before locking it into the EVA system. Jill tried to relax as both her tight pussy and asshole were suddenly very full.

"Oh! It looks like your first customer is here!" said the nurse. "I'm done with you anyway, so I'll get out of the way. I'll be back to release you at the end of your shift in 12 hours or so."

The nurse's tight ass looked glorious in her latex skirt as she flounced away, very pleased with herself. Jill had only signed on to do brief 4 hour shifts, but the nurse thought it best to really break the little whore in on her first day.

Jill tried to protest her alarm, but was interrupted by the arrival of her first customer. He was a young black man. She'd never been with a black man and she was a bit nervous, but she felt a fantastic new sexual thrill. But the black man just stood there, waiting. Soon a teenage black boy walked up. He glanced at Jill shyly.

"Check this bitch out, my man! You gonna be riding her throat!" the man said. The boy had a big smile on his face, but Jill could tell he was still a bit reluctant.

"Are you sure it's really ok? I mean, shit, 5 bucks is all?" he asked.

"Fuck that noise - that ho prolly volunteered for this shit 'cause she loves it so much and shit. Prolly cream her panties when she gets her mouth on your dick. Now get to it, I got shit to do."

The younger black boy walked up slowly.

"Whatcha 'fraid of? Get your cock in there! Time you stopped jackin' off and started using whores like this to get off."

He inserted the money and the station openned for him to enter. The few walls that separated Jill's station from every other station were transparent, in order to minimize privacy. The hope was, as the hiring managers had mentioned, for the clients to encourage each other to be as cruel and brutal as possible. In this case, the boy's 3 older friends were watching with pride as he took his pants off, then slid his bulging underwear down. His cock, a soft six inches, hung down.

Jill noticed the three friends had large cocks as well. In fact, they were huge! She could see the outlines from her position as they started to get excited. Meanwhile, her customer was starting to get hard. His balls were sizable, and, to her amazement, the shaft was growing to an unnatural size! She drooled in anticipation as she watched it reach a firm twelve inches.

He threw one leg up and over the seat facing Jill. His balls now hung down making a shadow over her face. He laughed as he pointed his rigid cock downward toward her mouth, and she felt the ERA mechanisms beginning to operate. The stimulation of her nipples increased substantially, as did the rate and power of the dildo thrusts into her no longer tight asshole and pussy. The chair arched her back a bit, causing her to moan and also making her mouth gape open further. This gave the young man all the time in world to shove his cock into her mouth. Doing so cause her to give out a muffled gasp. He shuddered and moaned, feeling the warmth, as he slowly began to slide himself further and further in. She was at his mercy, what little there was of it. He was balls-deep in her throat, forcing all twelve inches in within a single minute. Gagging, tears streamed her eyes. She made delightful choking noises that made he stretch for every additional centimeter of cock to torture her with. She wanted to flail, but her limbs were locked in, and kept her immobile. Regardless of what she wanted, he was going to use her mouth and throat until he made her take his load.

It was took quite a while... her throat eventually accommodated his cock to a slight degree, but her discomfort increased as her facefucking continued. When he finally erupted, it was amidst a torrent of cursing and full-length cock thrusts pulling out completely before ramming back in to the hilt. Her eyes went wide, feeling the seed gush and slip down into her stomach. There was so much, it began to seep out around her lips. It tasted too good to be some teen's cum receptacle! She finally came as waves of humiliation as to how she'd just been used overcame her. She gasped for air when he decided to finally pull out. He smiled and made sure to wipe all of the extra cum and spit on his cock onto her face.

Then pulled up his pants and walked out of the workstation, where he was congratulated by his friends. After they talked amongst themselves briefly, they turned to look at her, faces grinning. One started to walk toward her as the other two argued about who would go last.

"No! No! Not all of them! Not in a row!" she thought. She let out muffled gurgles, unable to speak with the massive cumload still clogging her mouth and throat. It was going to be a long, long day...

By the time all four left, Jill was nearly unconscious from lack of oxygen. Her lips were swollen and her blood-shot eyes were rolled back in her head. Her mascara, as promised, had run down both of her cheeks due to all of the tears generated by her repeated gagging.

"Oh, don't be so dramatic," the nurse said as she walked up to Jill's station. "They didn't pound your mouth that hard. And there were only, what, four of them? At 10 to 12 inches each, that's only about 45 inches of cock shoved down your throat. You better be ready to handle more than that quickly, you've got a big day of clients already scheduled for tomorrow."

The nurse turned off the breast stimulants and the dildo machine turned off. "Go to the prep room and lick up the cum in your hair and all over your face. Then get dressed and get out. I have to clean up all this filth you didn't swallow."

Jill nodded dumbly. Her throat was too numb to speak, and her whole jaw ached painfully. Her limbs were sore from where she had pulled against the restraints as she'd been gagged and choked over and over.

"And don't worry - I'll be sure we keep all of this left over cum from your clients today. I'll personally force-feed it to you first thing tomorrow. We have this lovely inflatable dildo gag that can work as a pulsating funnel. It actually shoots loads... well, you'll see it tomorrow. Now get out of here."

Jill wobbled to the prep room, still trying to collect herself. A smile grew on her face as she thought about all of the hard work she'd put in today. The smile faded as she reached the prep room and picked up her payment for the day. As a new ERA, she recieved 20% of the money she generated. At $5 each, Jill's day of repeatedly having her throat abused and her mouth and face used as a cum dump by four men had earned her a whole $4.

What did you think? There are another two chapters I could adapt (a visit from a shemale and a malfunction in the chair). I also have some thoughts for a story on why the nurse is so mean to the workers (what happened to her, do you suppose) or maybe Jill or the nurse knows a sissy boy that would be just perfect for the chair? Let me know what you all would like to see and I'll take a shot at it!

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  1. Good story. I saw that pic from Sparrow when he posted it and Fav'd it immediately! I kept wondering about a slightly modified 'sissy' ERA and what that might feel like to be strapped into. :-)