Saturday, November 20, 2010

Halloween Captions 31-40

Here they are! Another 10 captions of ridiculously hot girls wearing Halloween costumes!

I branched out a little with this set - you may recognize a few of these young ladies...

I've really enjoyed working on these Halloween captions. I think I may make it an even 50 with another set of 10 sometime this weekend. But after that, I'll go back to posting more topic-specific captions. I just got a request for more chastity captions, so I think a set of those is probably next...

Naughty schoolgirls are called "naughty" for a reason.

That wolf is going to take care of some deep-seated needs...

Don't you just love what passes for a costume?

It kinda sounds like I can hear 5 or 6 large men breathing.

Your ballsack = Her punching bag

She's going to be well taken care of.
Just like she deserves.

Why are you always such a jerk to her?

Punishment and suffering.
You deserve it.

Service your Supergirl!

The Queen of Hearts is an awfully demanding mistress.

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