Friday, May 18, 2012

10 Favorite Minority Pornstars (#10-6)

It's time to finish a few posts on my "To Do "list and get 'em posted! It's been awhile since I've done a Top 10 list, so... here we go!

For this list, I thought it was time to figure out who my ten favorite minority pornstars are. I'm not really one of those guys that has a really strong preference for one ethnicity over another, but I know a lot of people are into black women or asian women or whatever, so I decided to think about it a little and put together a list.

It was really difficult (I had to look at so many pictures of hot women naked), but eventually I think I got my ten favorites together. Just like my other Top 10 lists, I looked at five things:
1) All Dressed Up - Is she beautiful with her clothes still on?
2) That Sexy O-Face - Does she look like she's really into it and enjoying herself?
3) An Ass To Die For - Does she have an ass so hot it makes you want to kiss it, then fuck it, then kiss it, the fuck it... over and over and over?
4) A Mouth Built For Cock - Does her mouth make you want to see it stuffed full of giant cocks and coated with loads of cum?
5) Her Deviant Nature  - Is she kinky? (Not really a requirement, but definitely a plus!)

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10) Keeani Lei 
All Dressed Up
Keeani is so sweet and innocent looking, isn't she?

That Sexy O-Face
Yeah, well, she's not actually very innocent...
I love her expressions. She's got a sense of humor, but still looks like she loves it!

An Ass To Die For  
Keeani's a very thin woman, but she's still got a very nice ass.

A Mouth Built For Cock
On that cock like she loves nothing better. Nice!

Her Deviant Nature  
Submissive! Keeani has done a fair number of kinky shoots, and
she is always submissive - usually to another hot woman!

9) Cherrie Rose
All Dressed Up
Awwww! Cherrie is so cute!

That Sexy O-Face
Come on, how can you not get turned on by a pornstar with a smile like that?

An Ass To Die For  
But Cherrie's not just all smiles and winks.
She's also absolutely stacked. Just look at that ass!

A Mouth Built For Cock
And she looks fucking hot gagging on a fat cock, too!

Her Deviant Nature 
Cherrie doesn't really do a lot of kinky shoots. :(
Her regular scenes generally but her in a submissive position,
so we're going to go ahead and call that close enough.

8) Lucy Lee
All Dressed Up
Lucy... I mean, just look at her. She just oozes bad intentions!

That Sexy O-Face
Don't trust her! She's not as innocent as she looks!

An Ass To Die For  
So jealous of that chair right now.

A Mouth Built For Cock
How hot is that, right?

Her Deviant Nature 
Dominant! Lucy is always the domme in her kinky shoots,
and she does a fantastic job. If you're looking for a 
strict Asian domme, I'd recommend Lucy!

7) Jada Fire
All Dressed Up
Um. Yeah. So, Jada is fucking hot.

That Sexy O-Face
Aw, just look at her pout and her indignant expression. Beautiful.

An Ass To Die For  
Holy hell. That's... that's just not fair.

A Mouth Built For Cock
Jada's big on sucking cock, and she knows what she's doing.

Her Deviant Nature
Dominant! Jada's done a few kinky scenes, and she usually ends up in the 
dominant role. And, as you can see, she looks ridiculously hot doing it.

6) Mika Tan
All Dressed Up
I love Mika! She's cute, pretty and hot all at once.

That Sexy O-Face
And she always seems to be enjoying herself!

An Ass To Die For  
Um. Also, just look at her ass. Yum!

A Mouth Built For Cock
Doesn't that just get you hot? Gag yourself on it, Mika!

Her Deviant Nature
Dominant! Mika is always dominant when she does a BDSM scene.
If you're looking for a rough, aggressive Asian domme,
I'd suggest you check out Mika!

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